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Ayala for United ??

Startbeitrag von Keano am 20.01.2002 11:48

Ayala of Valencia would love to join United. United made a fair approach what Ayala, United and his agents loved. Now it's up to Valencia if they want to sell him.

Keano's magic !!!
We'll keep the red flag flying high !!!


LONDON (Reuters) - Manchester United have renewed their interest in Argentina central defender Roberto Ayala, the News of the World has reported.

The 28-year-old Valencia player told the paper he had been offered a three-year contract by the English champions worth 50,000 pounds a week.

"United made their offer," he was quoted as saying. "I am happy, they are happy and it is up to Valencia to accept it. United are interested in me and I am very interested in joining them. It is up to the clubs now.

The paper said the premier league leaders made a 10 million-pound offer for Ayala at the end of last season, but it was rejected by the Spanish club, who have reached the past two Champions League finals.

Ayala could join up at United with his international team mate Juan Sebastian Veron, who said on Saturday he was happy at Old Trafford despite speculation linking him with a return to Italian club Lazio.

von doonhamer - am 20.01.2002 12:49
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