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Paddeln in Osteuropa, Sachsen und anderswo
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Paddeln dieses Wochenende

Startbeitrag von Lucia am 26.05.2004 09:32


Thanks for having such wonderful information posted online!!

I'd like go paddling this weekend with a fellow kayaker who is here visiting from the US. Aber ich habe nicht so viele Informationen wo und wie ich das machen kann. Since I don't have any equipment- boat or a car- I was wondering if you had any suggestions for how/where we could rent and paddle a fairly challenging river in the Czech Republic (II,III).

Thanks so much, I really need your help, and I can't wait to get out on the river again (it's been a long time).



Hi Lucia,

I´m not the expert here on waterlevels, but basically, we depend on the snow melting season in the mountains or heavy rainfalls for kayaking around here. Unfortunately, in the mountains closest to Dresden (Erzgebirge, Riesen-/Isargebirge), the snow is already gone.

Therefore, our group went to the Tatra mountains (about 8-9 hours driving East of Dresden, border of Slovakia & Poland) for the last "long" weekend (which included a public holiday), where the snow is melting around this time.

For the Czech Republic, you can check waterlevels at www.raft.cz (also in English).

If you are looking for the sportive aspect, you could go to an artificial canal in Czech Republic (also listed on www.raft.cz, the closest to Dresden are "Roudnice", "Veltrusy" and "Troja", where "Troja" is in Prague). Try calling the one in Troja, they may rent out equipment.

If you are also considering flatwater, the large Elbe river might be an option for you. I don´t know about renting kayaks, but you can rent open canoes (for tourists), www.kanu-aktiv-tours.de.

If you are up for a longer drive, you could also go South, to Austria and kayak on the river "Salza" (check www.kajak.at), which offers a variety of whitewater, level I thru III. You should be able to rent equipment there, since it´s a very popular kayaking place (check www.kajak.at).

Where do you live right now? Where do you kayak "at home"?

Hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me. If you speak German, you could post your specific questions in German in the forum.


von kirsten - am 26.05.2004 17:24
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