tell the world EV1 WINDOW-Action

Startbeitrag von eddy am 05.03.2005 20:46

Kopie von Electric Vehicles USA
Subject: Tell the World about "EV1.ORG" ( Window Paint )

I think more people need to hear about (and invistigate) the
vigil! Everyone should go out and buy some window paint (shoe
polish) and write EV1.ORG on their car or business windows, perhaps
with a nice personal comment! Mine is going to be "What! No Gas?".
It's hard to not cover a story that has just popped up out of
nowhere all over the world!

Even if you yourself don't want or think BEV's are the way to go
it's tough to justify the destruction of existing vehicles with
plenty of willing buyers. So why not help spread the word that
these vehicles which don't use gas exist and are about to be
euthanized. Change Happens Now!


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