Another Question from England

Startbeitrag von Nikki am 10.01.2007 10:22

Hello to all my MiniEl friends in Germany!

I have just put a 6V battery in my pack to increase the voltage to 42 volts nominal.

The performance of the MiniEl now is great, but I have issues with charging. With 36 volts the charger happily produces 52volts peak, but now with 42 volts the charger does not go above 46 volts. My battery pack is not getting charged properly. I presume the charger is fooled to thinking the batteries are charged properly and so stops early. Is there any way I can charge the 42 volts properly with the standard charger or is it best to just charge the 6v battery separately?

Thank you!


P.S. We had another fabulous meet on Sunday. There are photos here: []


Hi Nikki,

you must charge the 6 V batterie with an extra charger.

von bastelwastel24 - am 10.01.2007 13:09
Danke! I am doing just that at the moment so I shall continue a good thing!

von Nikki - am 10.01.2007 14:49
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