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Wer kennt Skyenergy aus China ?

Startbeitrag von Claus. am 09.07.2009 19:37

Habe heute diese Werbe eMail bekommen.
Kennt jemand die Firma ?

Subject: Power Li-ion battery, BMS, Charger for Eclectic Vehicle, HEV?E-boat, Electric Scooter, Solar Power. High capacity 40AH---800AH

Dear Mr. Sir,

I am Andy, Senior sales manager of Sky energy (Luoyang) Co., Ltd in Luoyang, China. I am glad to
know you from the internet and know you are in the line of EV.

We are the single Chinese company which has productsover 100AH passed the 863
Laboratory testing, UN38.3, MSDS, also passed the ISO 9001, CE certificate. With total
investment RMB 1.7 billionfrom the government, as a subordination of Luoyang Optoelectronic
Technology Development Center, by taking advantage of LOEC’s rich resources of hi-tech, comprehensive advantages and excellent scientific research environment Sky Energy attracts
a large number of talents in professional and management and owns several core application
technologies with self-Owned intellectual property right. Now our products are widely used in by both army and civilian.
And now, we are willing to find a reliable partner to in your country to develop together in long- term basis. We can also offer your professional project solution and help customers install and
make best use of them properly.

Herewith I briefly introduce you our company,
as the top power Lithium_ion battery manufacturer and exporter in China. Below it is general
information about Sky Energy:

Company brief introduction:

1, The Lithium_ion power battery project is approved by China National Aviation Industry Group, and gained
support of the whole aviation industry. As a subsidiary ofLuoyang Optoelectronic Technology
Development Center, Sky energy has remarkably technical know-how and management strength.
2. Together with Tsinghua University and other strategic co-operation partners, the company leads the industry in new technological development.
3, Global partner:FAW, JMC, etc.
4, Products range: 40AH, 60HA, 100AH, 120AH, 180AH, 300AH, 400AH, 800AH.
5. Battery module is used in aviation, navigation, communications, energy, electricity, electric locomotive, vehicles (electric cars, golf carts, electric buses, electric forklifts, and electric coach) and other fields.
And main characters and difference with other products are as following?

We have achieved following improvement in producing environment, process etc, as following.

Producing environment
Workshop is completely obturated,ensuring the environment humidity and temperature,
dust in it under control.
Battery raw material
Excellent modified anode and cathode materials are adopted, with composite membrane from
Japan and self-developed additive in the electrolyte.
Battery configuration
Case of our battery is made of modified polypropylene plastic with fiberglass added while the
internal configuration is optimized. Safety valve with independent intellectual property is also
used to improve the safety.
With the solutions mentioned above, safety and electric Property of our SE series are greatly
improved,as is shown following:

1. Products are of higher capacity and energy density, longer cycle life etc.
For SE180 AH, Energy-Density: 100Wh/kg; discharge Performance: 85%; rated capacity under -20?; Resist Compression of the shell: 0.35MPA; Opening pressure of Safety valve: 0.1MPA;
Cycles Attenuation @80%DOD 0.3C 100 cycles:


das dürften dann wohl die sein: [forum.mysnip.de]

von Manuel. - am 09.07.2009 20:29
Wenn das alles stimmen würde, würden die die Thunderskies in Grund und Boden stampfen, mit 70Wh/kg statt 55 Wh/kg derer mit dem Donner. Ich rechne immer mit nur 70% maximaler Entladetiefe.
Nur bei Nicads sollte diese immer volle 100% betragen. Der Gehäuselieferant scheint der Gleiche zu sein. Nur donnern tuts anders aus dem Himmel..

von Bernd Schlueter - am 21.07.2009 01:42
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