Startbeitrag von paradou2010 am 29.01.2017 22:22

Hallo ich habe ein Problem auf Benning Gleichrichter, können Sie mir BENNING TEBECHOP E230 G24 / 15-BWru PDT das Problem offenbar Ladegeräte sehen helfen, hören wir einen klick, klick Lampe rot und gelb auf, aber nicht startet . thanks
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Hallo Paradou.

which native language?
welche Muttersprache hast Du?

Dein Deutsch ließt sich ein wenig vergoogelt.
Ich frage nur, um eventuell in einer anderen Sprache effizienter helfen zu können.


von inoculator - am 30.01.2017 13:55
Hello inoculator
my native language is French ,sorry .

Guten Tag
Hello inculator
Meine Sprache(Zunge) gesprochen ist der francais.
Ich habe ein Problem auf einem benning Gleichrichter, k Sie sich mir helfen, hat, klar das Problem des Laders BENNINGs TEBESHOPs E230s G24/15 G24/15s BWru-PDTs, man zu sehen, höre einen Klick, klick sind die roten und gelben Lampen angezündet(angemacht) aber die Grüne nicht fährt er .merci nicht an

von paradou2010 - am 30.01.2017 18:56

Wer kann Benning auf französich? (was: BENNING TEBESHOP E230 G24 / 15-BWru PDT)

Hi Paradou,

let's wait, if somebody in the forum is able of french language. As we (German -E-Scene) is drying out the french e-car market, there must be at least somebody, speaking french.

Hey guy, palé vous francé ;-) ???

von inoculator - am 30.01.2017 20:13

Re: Wer kann Benning auf französich? (was: BENNING TEBESHOP E230 G24 / 15-BWru PDT)

Hello inoculator

That's not aproblem for me ,you can write in inglish

That's a red and yelow lamp on tebechop E 230 G24/15 , the relay clic clic ,all the parts are ok ,what's the problem ?
Many thanks

von paradou2010 - am 31.01.2017 15:35

Re: Wer kann Benning auf französich? (was: BENNING TEBESHOP E230 G24 / 15-BWru PDT)

Ok, let's give it a try.

First of all, what kind of experience do you have? Are You aware of how a FET is working and how to test it?

What kind of instruments do you have, to measure voltage, current and resistance?

1st: There must be a fuse on the board. About 30mm long and 5mm thick.
Check if it has ignited or if it still is healthy.

2nd: If You have lights and relay function, the control circuit is working.
This points me directly to the power FETs for the step up chopper, the power inverter and the step down chopper.
I am not familiar with the 15-BW.
I am only working with the so called "1700" and "1800".
You can find some worksheets on our wiki -german, of course.

In any case, if You want to check the FET, You will have to disassemble the complete unit, to unsolder the FETS and check for function of each.
For replacement You have to search for the data sheets of each and check for spare parts or equal parts.

hope this helps for the first steps.


some links:

von inoculator - am 01.02.2017 08:08

Re: Wer kann Benning auf französich? (was: BENNING TEBESHOP E230 G24 / 15-BWru PDT)

Hello inoculator

Many many thanks for your reply .

There are a control card with 2 FET'S IRFBE20 AND IRF 822 AND UC 3844N AND UC 3854N
i have check the Fets there are ok ,but in the start up there are alwaays clic clic of the relay then the red lamp on .


von paradou2010 - am 01.02.2017 17:55
Done some Internet search... I guess I only found yourself ;-)


As I do not have any Picture of that device, could you make some more pics of the main board with the FETs and the driver section. I saw You image on the other forum and identified most regions comparable to 1700 and 1800 -Benning seems only to have one design, but in different layouts ;-)

Are You able to work with the powered device to get some values from the PFC and the isolation circuit?

von inoculator - am 02.02.2017 07:53
Helo inoculator

I have post a message in abcelectronique web site but without any reply .
I have check the voltage in the PFC UC 3845N there are 13 V between GND -15 after start 30S the value will be 18 v .
The two MosBE20 and IRF 820 after test are ok .

this picture are from other TEBECHOP 1800 That's same as TEBECHOP 230 ONLY WITH THIS WE TAKE OUT THE CARDS .

[attachment 2163 20170130_135154Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2164 20170130_145652Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2165 20170202_140130Copier.jpg]

von paradou2010 - am 02.02.2017 19:42
[attachment 2166 20170202_140156Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2167 20170202_140142Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2169 20170202_140213Copier.jpg]

von paradou2010 - am 02.02.2017 19:49
Hello inlocutor

I have check the voltage in the CNY 17 optocoupler the are 2 v in pin 6 and 6 volts in pin 5 and 3 volts in pin 4

The common Problem in the Tebechop 230 is the clic clic of the relay in the starting and the red led is on .

Many many thanks for your Help
[attachment 2170 20170202_140234Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2171 20170202_140543Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2172 20170202_140917Copier.jpg]

von paradou2010 - am 02.02.2017 20:01
This Red light is on at my Bennings, too, but they work normal.
As far as I understand, is this some alert from the PFC.

Check on the bridges, if YOu have 400VDC on the PFC,
~140V on the primary side of the transformer and ~60-70V on the secondary side.

You might need an oszilloscope for this -attention with grounding. Use an isolated power supply for it.


von inoculator - am 03.02.2017 10:54
Hello Carsten

This picture are for TEBECHOP 1800 ,
The most common Problem is in TEBECHOP 230 in the first picture and attached ,The power in the big capacitor is 241 V ;and there are always a sound tic tic tic of the relay for 3 minute and it start without output voltage .I hope to undestand this mistake .
Many thanks Carsten

[attachment 2173 20170103_113854Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2174 20170103_110903Copier2.jpg]

von paradou2010 - am 03.02.2017 20:37
I gues itˋs the input circuit and PFC that doesnˋt work right. Usualy the main capacitor should be 300+ Volts. The startup process on such devices is the following. Loading the main Capacitor via a Resistor and the PFC to limit the inrush curent. Then a Relay conects the PFC directly to Power. This will only happen if a minimum Voltage has been reached at the main Capacitor. In your case I gues this Voltage falls as soon as the Chopper starts to run an so the relay switches off again. With a analog Voltmeter or Scope you might see it rise and fall.

von R - am 03.02.2017 21:10
Hello Richard

That's right the value of the main capacitor is only 240 V , but when i test it his value is good ,In this charger i have change the input bridge there are in short cicuit and also the IRFBE20 ,that's the common default in this charger ,How we can do now ?

Many thanks Richard ind carsten for your Help .

von paradou2010 - am 04.02.2017 12:33
Hello Richard and carsten

Today we have change the big capacitor 400 V 470uf ,That is the same problem the relay clic ,but when i put the voltmeter in the FET IRFBE 20 to test the relay stop clic and the system start to run .where is the mater ?
[attachment 2177 20170205_150828Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2178 20170205_135613Copier.jpg]
[attachment 2179 20170205_135534Copier.jpg]

von paradou2010 - am 05.02.2017 19:09

Whats about the Voltage, if it is to low or to hight then the charger symtoms are the same.

Try to solder a 1M Resistor between the between + and - of the Capacitor that could simulate the Multimeter.

von R.M - am 05.02.2017 19:22
Check for "cold solder points" on the FETs

von inoculator - am 06.02.2017 09:05
Dear Friends

RM i will make a resistor betwen + and - of the capacitor .the voltage is 230 Vac .
Inoculator ,I have check all the solder points that's Ok ,But when i put the multimeter between The Gate and the drain of the FET'S the clic sound of the relay stop .

Many thanks for your Help .

von paradou2010 - am 06.02.2017 19:33
this points to the PFC again if you talk about one of it's two FETs. the low Voltage at the capacitor is another hint. Check the Voltage again when using your trick to get things started. i supose it will be about 350V then.

von R - am 06.02.2017 20:45
Dear Richard ,inoculator and RM

Today i have Change The Mosfet IRF 820 with IRF 840 ,the clic of the Relay has stoped and the red and yelow led on .
I have test the old mosfet there is ok with diode tester but in the circuit that's not good .
I would like also to change the other mosfet IRFBE 20 but i havent found in the market Can i make the IRF 840 ?
For richard i willa test the voltage of the capacitor in the start up .

Many many thanks .

von paradou2010 - am 07.02.2017 21:11
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