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EV1 follow up

Startbeitrag von eddy am 15.03.2005 19:03

Subject: EV1s to the crusher - Call LA TV news & GO TO BURBANK

The EV1s are being driven on to the transports in Burbank. A third
transport has arrived for more cars.

People are rushing there to protest and attempt to prevent the trucks
from taking the cars.

We need more people on site and more calls to media to cover what will
be a blockade by EVs to save EVs.

ABC TV has shown up. CNN is there, too.

Please call LA area TV news departments to ask them to cover this
ongoing action.

Call CBS 2 news assignment desk at: (323) 460-3316


Subject: Burbank: A brief report

A brief report with information from Chelsea Sexton and Paul Scott.

Three transports arrived at the Burbank GM facility this morning.
About 20 EV1s were driven, on their own power, into the transports.
Alexandra Paul and Collette Divine, two actresses and activists, drove
in Alexandra's RAV4 EV to a spot blocking the exit. The transports
couldn't leave the facility.

The media and the police descended upon the standoff. A police
locksmith eventually opened the doors and removed, handcuffed and
arrested Alexandra and Collette. The RAV4 EV was impounded.

Chelsea and others are on the trail of two of the transports heading
east toward the corporation's crushing facility in the desert.

Bail is being arranged for the two women arrested. We may need to take
up a collection for Collette, who I understand is a struggling actress
without independent means. A method to accept small contributions will
be established. I'm hoping numerous $10 contributions will cover it.

von eddy - am 15.03.2005 19:03
Subject: Re: Burbank: A brief report

> The media and the police descended upon the standoff. A police
> locksmith eventually opened the doors and removed, handcuffed and
> arrested Alexandra and Collette. The RAV4 EV was impounded.

I just hope Alexandra gets her RAV4-EV back.

von eddy - am 15.03.2005 19:04
Subject: 28 EV1 assassinated; our two heroic women released

Good news first, Alexandra and Colette were released on their own
recognizance (OR), without posting the 10K bond, but after spending
almost 4 hours in the process.

Because of the time dragging on, the detective went home, allegedly
on accident, and forgot to issue a "release" for the towed vehicle.

And none of us knew about this detail.

The bill so far: $211, and they are going to extract another day's
storage. Alexandra will pick up the RAV4-EV tomorrow, after the
detective drifts in to work. The bill will be bigger, there are
volunteers to pay it. We need to go to court, if they have the
temerity to actually hold them to it, and explain why they were
arrested, and why GM is the real criminal.

The police were as good as they can be, but still had to do the job;
and, as we see, the system chews up the innocent. One of the cops
said, soto voce, "...I tried to get one of them, but GM would not
let me have it...". Tacit acknowledgement of GM's perfidy and lies.

Alexandra had plastic cuffs (!) but Colette had steel ones (!!).
Imagine the perverts that would actually handcuff these two
beautiful actresses.

Now the bad news. Or more bad news, that is.

Three sealed panel trucks from Pilot transport removed 28 EV1, they
are on their way to AZ to have the tires and batteries removed,
crushed, and then trucked to the smelter near Fontana.

There may be 42 left in Burbank. Dave Barthmuss of GM states
that orders are that all the EV1 be removed and crushed this week.

In a way, GM does not deserve to have the EV1, and it's almost
poetic justice that GM is destroying its own future, handing the
sceptre of empire to the land of the rising sun.

Perhaps we can look to Bill Ford to save the day, perhaps not;
but GM has proven that it's bent on self-destruction. They
seem to turn winners into losers, profits into a loss, and then
to pontificate about why it was essential for them to do so!

We will finish the vigil to the end, but one must condemn GM to its
own folly. Thre is just no hope for the future of this formerly
giant auto concern. And in a way, they are getting what they
deserve, but the ones who suffer are the union members and the
general public. And drivers, of course.


von eddy - am 15.03.2005 19:06
Hallo Eddy,
whats about the SAXOs and 106 in France?


von Karl - am 15.03.2005 19:36
Hello Karl

Von sudlichen Front keine Nachricht.
Vielleicht werden die EVS21 Besucher mehr beweise Bekommen.

Ohne Beweise kann mann kein Aktion unternehmen.


von eddy - am 17.03.2005 21:00
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