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Betrüger im An- und Verkauf

Startbeitrag von idur am 17.01.2012 14:41

Leider muß ich mal ne Warnung loswerden.
Auf meine Anzeigen im An-und Verkauf haben sich auch ein paar zwielichtige Personen gemeldet.

Sofort E-Mails gegoogelt und angeschrieben warum diese in anderen Foren als Betrüger E-Mail geoutet werden !

E-mail addresses, which occur most commonly as a contact: roberts1956@ hotmail.com, cole.colerobinson.robinson @ gmail.com, @ hotmail.com capt.kennethmp, donaldhall01@ yahoo.com, ic74565@ gmail.com and others

Folgende Antwort erhalten:

Please be informed that I receive similar mails too. These are impostors using my name and other persons name to do evil in the internet. If you work with me, we shall complete the delivery safely.

Aber auf Anfrage was ER mit meiner Ware machen möchte :

Hello Rudi,

I am compelled to thank you firmly for your message particularly that you went ahead to respond to my request in spite of its unusual nature. Your understanding is commendable and your co-operation also. You cannot doubt that I truly appreciate your confidence, dedication and trust, and I hope you recognize, as I do, the valuable role you are trying to play in building a new life for me in Germany. At any rate, I'm grateful for your assistance, of which I intend to take full advantage.

I thank you for your trust in me and I want to assure you that everything concerning the delivery will be done safely and smoothly. I have already made a very good plan on how to send the money to you and you can make certain that it will work safely.

Please permit me to introduce myself. I was born in July 15, 1961 in Texas, USA. Upon graduation from High School, I and five of my acquaintances volunteered to join the U.S. Red-Cross. I wanted to go at sixteen but my late father told me to wait until I was eighteen. After an Honorable Discharge from high school, I signed up for the Red Cross. In August 1980, I was called into the Naval Supply Center in Oakland, California, the Oakland Army Base, where I was actively involved in relief distribution to countries affected by natural disasters and war. Those were the early days. In more recent times, between 1991 and 1994, I worked in General Hospitals in nursing and management. Having held the posts of branch nursing officer and training officer within the U.S Red Cross, I was head of Rancho Cucamonga Branch from 1998 to 2001 and of North Beach as well. When the Iraqi war started, I was among the first set of Red Cross agents that were posted there. The
International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) Iraq was bombed in October. After the bomb incident, I got attached with The Italian Red Cross operating a field hospital in a tent near the former International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) offices but moved in late October to the more secure Medical City location.

As a young man, I was interested in Law Enforcement, particularly the FBI. but finally chose the career that was very rewarding to me. However, at this time I have decided to retire. I have seen a lot of things that people hope to never have to witness. I have been to war. I have seen death. I have witnessed disaster and its aftermath here in Iraq, and I truly wish to retire now. I earnestly desire to start a new life in Germany and I will be deeply, deeply indebted to you if you will help me to achieve this set objective.

I will need your help in two ways to bring over the money to Germany and to make investment with it there.

As of yet, I have not made up my mind about what type of investment I should go into, prior to this time I was never actively engaged in any investment project. Therefore, I was wondering if you would recommend some high points of investment diversification to me. I need all the help and consideration that you can give me in this regard.

First, let me make you understand my power in affecting the transfer of this consignment (funds). As i have already informed you on how this Fund was realized. I am in command of my unit in Baghdad, i give orders, and i am a marine and you know the respect and honor we control. I do not need to give you any further info. i believe you have the mind to understand even when giving a clue.

I will be doing myself a great favor to explain in simple terms how this deal is going to be, i have arranged everything in a way that you will have your own share of 30% of the 19.6 Million Euros and you will keep my share of 70% for me until i arrive Germany.

Now i want you to know that every week a Red Cross relief jet flies to Europe from Baghdad to collect reliefs from donors in Europe. I have two of my men as security to the airplane; i will contact a diplomat here in Baghdad whom i have some of my men on guard in his premises to come seal up a consignment, which is with the Red Cross to the beneficiary in Europe.

I want you to know that diplomats run a DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE, this service is meant for transferring hard documents and precious stones, and they call it consignment. This consignment will be registered under their service and will be carried with their diplomatic immunity to any country where they have diplomatic grounds and then deliver it to the beneficiary of the consignment on the grounds where they maintain diplomatic immunity. Be informed that under the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITIES AND PRIVILEGES ACT, Any licensed diplomat is immune from search, arrest be it for criminal or civil prosecution, this immunity extends to his person, luggage's, house, car, and even his domestic servants. This is why i want to send the money through diplomatic luggage. The Americans call it DIPLOMATIC POUCH.

In this case, the deal will go like this. Once i register the consignment in your name, the diplomat will seal it and then will send it to Europe after registering it as a diplomatic consignment in a diplomatic box and then transfer it to another diplomat in Europe who will pick up the consignment from the airplane and then deliver it to you in Germany. The airplane that will be used in this deal is the Red Cross Jet, which equally has its own immunity because of the nature of its work. Wherever it lands in Europe the diplomat in Europe will now go and claim the consignment and then have an appointment when, where you will come to claim your consignment.

As i said before i will buy your car and i want you to remove it out of internet platform because i will pay for the car as soon as possible and our relationship will as well go beyond the Car.

I will conclude the delivering arrangement with the Red Cross, Diplomat here and the Diplomat in Europe who will receive the consignment until when you will contact him to pick up the box or he will deliver it to you in Germany. I will finalize all the arrangement with them tomorrow i will inform you what to do. Send me your full name, address and direct phone number.

Thank you for your time, efforts and considerations, your acceptance to do this with me is sincerely appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Donald Hall.

Meine Antwort:

Same text frag same typing errors like these imposters in Web.

"These are imposters using my name and other person's name to do evil in the internet."

I think you are these imposter.

Also seit wachsam,auch in unserem Forum lesen böse Buben mit.
Gebt keine Kontodaten an Unbekannte ab !

Sonnigen Tag noch


Hallo Rudi,

Fehler - Antworte nie auf schwindlige eMails, ich ignoriere solche Mails einfach,gerade wenn diese in englisch sind.
Jetzt wissen die das diese eMail aktiv ist. Für die Spam Liste wertvoller.

von Claus. - am 17.01.2012 20:22
Hallo Ihr,

Ohne da s Ich jetzt den genauen Wortlaut Übersetzen kann,

Ich hatte letztes Jahr, als Ich meinen Stinker bei Mobile

reingestzt habe, auch so nen Käse, so ala Ich bin bei der Army

komme nächste Jahr aus dem Irak zurück und brauche nen Auto.

Der wollte meine Ausweisnr. und Führerscheinnr.

So nach dem Motto damit Ich dir trauen kann

bla bla bla,

Interessanterweise kam 3 Tage später die Wortgleiche Anfrage

von einem anderen "Officer"

Gruß Tom

von Tomfe - am 18.01.2012 06:19
Bin auch mal auf einen Motorenbauer reingefallen und bekomme seitdem, seit 15 Jahren , glücklicherweise fast nur im Spamordner, Post aus Amerikanien. Die Motoren, das stellte sich dann heraus, sollten weibliche Wesen beglücken. Ich kann nur warnen, diese Kreise tauschen die e-mails weltweit. Neben Kenya, Nigeria und Ghana ist auch St Pauli vertreten.
E-mail wechseln. Ich hatte die E-mail 5 Jahre lang nicht benutzt. Briefwechsel ist wirkungslos. Inzwischen hält sich die Belästigung in Grenzen.
Klar, wurde damals mein Rechner, ich war einer der srten Hochgeschwindigkeitsnutzer, häufig erobert worden, was ich dann schnell bemerkte und jedes mal mit Neuinstallation zu Leibe rückte.
Inzwischen gibt es Linus Torwalt und Avira...

von Bernd Schlueter - am 19.01.2012 21:07
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