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Und schon wieder Armada

Startbeitrag von Metro am 10.02.2002 16:26

Hier ein paar News:

1. Takara and Hasbro will be using the same cartoon and toys launched about three months apart from each other.

2. Currently, an unnamed Japanese animation studio will be handling Armada.

3. Promo video of the cartoon has anime styled human children, however, less than 10% difference between comic design and cartoon design. Animation based off of Dreamwave designs.

4. Series consists of 52 episodes - lasting from this September to November-December of 2003!!! Network affiliation is confidential, it will be annouced by the network themselves.

5. Story Concept: Three children find the mini-cons, when the realization is made that they are Transformers, the Autobots and Decepticons are made aware on Cybertron...which ignites the war between the Autobots and Decepticons once more.

Armada Toys

1. Every Transformers comes with at least one Minicon.

2. Smaller Transformers, have one slot that unlocks a "key " feature. Typically: Extra Weaponry (i.e: Missile launcher, guns, etc.)

3. Medium sized Transformers, will have two or three keys...(mini-con ports)...Example: Red Alert, has three "keys" releasing weaponry, scopes

4. Larger Transformers have up to ten "keys." Ex: Keys that unlock Megatron's gatling guns, induce movement, lights, speech, and weaponry.

5. Lazorbeak Roleplay looks like the original Lazorbeak, BUT his head is composed of two cameras...plays an integral role in the show as a spy. Has transformation into a Human Digital Camcorder...with a third-mode gun.

6. Prime has a self-transforming *base* which can ALSO self -Transform into *as of now unnnamed* combined mode legs. The Prime cab is manually transformed, and easily inserted into the legs.

7. Prime's mini-con is called Sparkplug.

8. Starscream is metallic silver and red, not maroon as some have said.

9. Features CANNOT be unlocked without a Mini-Con, unless you want to damage the toy.

This one goes out to Zac Shipley...these guys would make you proud.

1. Every Transformer comes with a trading card that can be used with the upcoming Wizards of the Coast game.

2. Video Games on the way...numerous companies being spoken to as of right now.

3. RUMORS of a possible cross-over with G.I.Joe. No details given. (G.I.Joe will be BIG this year...Hasbro is really pushing their home lines)

4. 3 Toy Commercials for each season...


Heist das es wird wider eine Japan serie ?

von DirkSZomby - am 10.02.2002 18:28

von T-Bozz - am 10.02.2002 18:33
guck mal hier:


Rechts unten auf der Packung sieht man ein Bild vom neuen Starscream - im Anime Style.

von Metro - am 10.02.2002 18:48

Nicht schlecht!

Ba weep granna weep ninny bang!

Was spricht dagegen, daß Armada von den Japanern gemacht wird?
Wie bei RID wird sicherlich auch Armada für den westlichen Markt zurecht gemacht.

Außerdem sind Animes nunmal IN. Evtl. auch mal eine Chance hier in Deutschland zu erscheinen.

VG C'tronic

von Cybertronic - am 11.02.2002 14:42

Re: Nicht schlecht!

Wäre mir lieber wenn es kein reinrsaaiger Anime wäre.
Lieber Mainframe. Bei RID sind de COns doch vollidioten

von Optimus Rau - am 11.02.2002 16:04

Re: Nicht schlecht!

Nun ich habe nichts gegen Anime !

Aber die Japaner Kapiern nicht was eine Fortsetzung ist !

von DirkSZomby - am 11.02.2002 17:03
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