ABB Indien hat Reingewinn verdoppelt

Startbeitrag von luckman_ch am 27.04.2004 20:43

Na also......der Quartalsreigen von ABB beginnt ja schon mal

ABB India Q1 net nearly doubles


BANGALORE (Reuters) - Indian engineering firm ABB India Ltd, a unit of Swiss-Swedish ABB, on Tuesday reported its net profit nearly doubled in the first quarter from the year-ago period, aided by a rebounding economy.

Net profit rose to 169.1 million rupees, up from 87.5 million rupees in the January-March quarter a year ago, while net sales rose to 4.4 billion rupees from 2.8 billion a year ago.

The company, which has a division for power equipment and services and another for automation, declared a dividend of six rupees per share for 2003 at its board meeting on Tuesday.

ABB India's order backlog stood at 11.66 billion rupees at the end of the latest quarter, against 10.71 billion at the end of December.

The company's shares ended down 0.24 percent at 797.90 rupees, while the Bombay benchmark index closed more than 3.5 percent lower in a market rattled by fears of political uncertainty about the outcome of ongoing general elections.

Ravi Uppal, managing director of ABB India, told a news conference that the company gained from robust demand from the manufacturing sector in an economy estimated to have grown by eight percent in the year to March.

"We are very encouraged. The customers are serious. Brownfield expansion has taken off and people are talking of greenfield expansion," Uppal said.

He said customers in petrochemicals, steel and cement industries were retrofitting their outdated equipment, while exports were rising in the face of increasing acceptance of India as a manufacturing base.

A reformist federal law, which has eased the setting up of private power plants, is also expected to boost demand.

"We see a lot of projects coming through in the next six months," Uppal said.

Company officials said tighter use of working capital also kept costs in check and helped profits.


:laugh: Ich hoffe Du weisst wieviel 170 Mio. Rupees sind?? Allein Percy's Abgangsentschaedigung war 40 x hoeher.

von think positive - am 27.04.2004 23:05
@ think positiv

schon klar.....wichtig ist nicht das wieviel sondern die
Tendenz! :hot: :hot: :hot:

von luckman_ch - am 28.04.2004 04:12
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