Nestlé: Earnings preview

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EARNINGS PREVIEW: Nestle FY Net Seen Up 9% On Windfall -- ZURICH (Dow Jones) -- Switzerland-based food and beverage company Nestle SA (NESN.VX) is expected to report an 8.9% increase in 2004 net profit Thursday thanks to a windfall gain from L'Oreal SA (12032.FR), while sales and operating profit are likely to decline due to currency moves and rising commodity costs. Nestle, a global giant with operations ranging from instant coffee to chocolate bars and pet food, will report net profit of CHF6.76 billion, compared with CHF6.21 billion in 2003, according to an average of six analysts polled by Dow Jones Newswires.
But the increase will largely be due to an extraordinary contribution of more than CHF700 million from Paris-based cosmetics company L'Oreal, of which Nestle owns 26.4%. This one-off effect is tied to L'Oreal's deconsolidation of a minority stake in Sanofi-Aventis (SNY) last year. Nestle's sales are expected to have fallen to CHF87.46 billion from CHF87.98 billion because of sluggish demand in some markets and adverse currency moves. Earnings before interest, taxes and amortization, or EBITA, are forecast to fall to CHF10.85 billion from CHF11.01 billion, as higher commodity and marketing expenditures shave cost savings. The operating margin is expected to drop to 12.4% from 12.5%. Organic growth - a closely-watched revenue measure comprising volume and price increases - is forecast at 4.7%, below the company's 5% to 6% long-standing target. Most analysts expect Nestle to repeat its 5%-6% organic growth target for this year and reiterate it aims to grow the EBIT margin at constant currency terms.
Some analysts say a dividend increase or a share buyback is likely. Andrew Wood of Bernstein Research estimates that Nestle's net debt fell to CHF10.1 billion from CHF14.4 billion, a debt level low enough to justify a buyback. Nestle last bought back shares in 1999. It paid a dividend of CHF7.20 on its 2003 results. The company will publish earnings Thursday at around 0630 GMT. The company doesn't report quarterly earnings figures.


Charttechnisch sieht NESN momentan gar nicht so schlecht aus!
Es scheint mir, dass sie sich wieder an die 319.- macht!
Aber am Do. ist ja der Tag der Entscheidung und da werden die 319.-
kaum eine Bedeutung haben! Rechne mit Top oder Flop. Aber sicher nicht

Auf jeden Fall kann ich momentan dem Ganzen gelassen zusehen.
Denn mit NESGA (EP 0.0266)
ROGVT (EP 0.04)
SMIEE (EP 0.04) bei allen geringer Einsatz

Lässt es sich gut schlafen!

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Nestlé: Earnings preview

Nestle Februar 2005

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