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Search engine leader's 4Q sales meet expectations but earnings miss targets; stock sinks.

Before Google, the popular search engine, reported its fourth quarter results Tuesday, the company had crushed Wall Street's sales and earnings estimates in every quarter of its short history as a public firm. That streak is no more.

Google reported fourth-quarter sales, excluding traffic acquisition costs (TAC), the revenue that Google shares with advertising partners, of $1.29 billion. That was in line with expectations. But John Aiken, an analyst with Majestic Research, an independent research firm, said earlier Tuesday that Google would probably need to report sales of $1.37 billion to impress Wall Street.

And more alarming to investors, the company posted earnings per share, excluding the ef

fect of stock options costs and research and development-related charges, of $1.54 a share, well below analysts' consensus estimates of $1.76 a share.

Shares of Google (Research), which rose 1.4 percent in regular trading on the Nasdaq Tuesday, were halted in after-hours trading following the release of the earnings but appeared set to fall at least 6 percent.

The stock is up more than 400 percent since the company went public in August 2004. But Google's price has fallen nearly 7.5 percent during the past two weeks due to concerns about how strong Google's numbers would be in the wake of similarly disappointing results from rival Yahoo!, a couple of analyst downgrades to "sell" citing the stock's valuation and controversy surrounding the company's refusal to share search results with the U.S. government regarding a court case about legislation meant to protect children from online pornography as well as Google's decision to allow the Chinese government to censor search results on a Google site in China.



stock sinks.

...Putter an die Front !

Welcher ?

von Hama - am 31.01.2006 21:32
Goog knallt durch, südwärts boooooaaaa !

2 GOOG 1,894,562 365.9000 17:12:29.6 1,241 -66.76$ -15.43 %

von Hama - am 31.01.2006 22:13

von Hama - am 31.01.2006 22:15
meine Wahl ist GOOGD

von Aragorn - am 01.02.2006 08:43
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