Clariant, Ciba eyed by private equity groups

Startbeitrag von Oekonom am 12.02.2006 18:03


16:52 Clariant, Ciba eyed by private equity groups - report

CIBA SC N 83.25 0.65 (0.79%)
CLARIANT N 20.15 0.40 (2.03%)

ZURICH (AFX) - Swiss chemicals firms Clariant and Ciba Specialty Chemicals are being eyed by private equity groups as possible takeover targets, in particular Clariant, whose books are being looked over by CVC and Permira, SonntagsZeitung reported citing unnamed sources.

Potential investors see room for more cost cuts at Clariant, while at Ciba the situation is more complicated, not only due to uncertainty over its Textile Effects unit but also because of criticism of CEO and chairman Armin Meyer, the paper said.

A change of management at Ciba could boost the company's shares by 10 pct, the paper added. Ciba said in November that it was reviewing its options with regard to Textile Effects, and on Jan 31 said it would make a decision in the next few months.


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