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Startbeitrag von Hama am 12.02.2006 18:58

...knallt durch :-)


Softbank Rebounds, Returns to Profit

TOKYO (AP) - Japanese Internet service company Softbank Corp. said Friday it rebounded to a profit in the October-December quarter, reversing a year-earlier loss with the help of rising revenue from its broadband Internet service.

Net income totaled 22 billion yen ($186.4 million) in the three months ended Dec. 31, compared with a loss of 26.6 billion yen the year before, Tokyo-based Softbank said in a statement.

Sales rose 11 percent to 287.5 billion yen ($2.44 billion) from 258.1 billion yen.

Profit was underpinned by growth in Softbank's broadband Internet unit and operations at its subsidiary Yahoo Japan Corp.

The broadband division's operating profit jumped to 9.36 billion yen ($79.3 million) in the quarter, from a loss of 6.59 billion yen the previous year. Sales jumped 33 percent to 71.5 billion yen ($606 million).

Softbank has been aggressive in offering broadband services in Japan, and dominates the country's market in Internet Protocol telephoning - technology that transmits phone calls as data over broadband Internet connections.

Softbank's efforts have not only helped spread broadband in Japan, but also brought down prices. Its entry into the cell phone business could also bring down prices for such services.

The company's fixed-line phone service, however, remained problematic, though the unit's losses narrowed.

Fixed-line operations logged a loss of 1.79 billion yen ($15.2 million), compared with a gaping 21.77 billion yen a year earlier.

In the July-September quarter, Softbank's profits plunged 41 percent due to losses in its fixed-line unit.

In 2004, Softbank bought the fixed-line company Japan Telecom Co. and the Japanese unit of British telecom Cable & Wireless PLC.

The company, which owns the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks professional baseball team, also has operations in online gaming, electronic stock trading, an Internet magazine and Net broadcasting, as well as an investment arm that finances ventures.

A test run on video-on-demand to air Hawks baseball games began last year.

For the first nine months of the fiscal year, Softbank posted net income of 17.82 billion yen ($151 million), recovering from a loss of 32.61 billion yen a year earlier.

Sales for the first three quarters rose 44 percent to 810.26 billion yen ($6.87 billion), from 561.79 billion yen, Softbank said.

Softbank shares, which have nearly tripled in value this year, ended unchanged Friday at 4,050 yen ($34.32) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company released results after the market closed.


....und Livedoor Co Ltd schlägt demnächst auf dem Boden auf - that's LIVE ;-)

von Hama - am 12.02.2006 19:01

Softbank... -10%


von svx_biker - am 13.02.2006 07:01
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