Startbeitrag von slalom am 24.02.2006 20:20

ABB in USA 12,25 super


..Kursziel 20 Bucks :-)

von Hama - am 24.02.2006 20:36
Ja meine ich auch biss Juni bestimmt ***

Warte auf 28,2, wenn es gut geht ist ja alles super für meine Calls

von slalom - am 24.02.2006 20:39
...sicherheitshalber VOR dem 28.02. schmeissen....denn der Asbestos-Deal ist erst Ende März abgeschlossen, stand ja so im Netz....also VORSICHT !

von Hama - am 24.02.2006 20:43
Danke das habe ich übersehen ´´´´´

Gruss slalom

von slalom - am 24.02.2006 20:46
USA-Schlusskurs umgerechnet bei 16.15 Stutz :hot: :cheers:

...ich geh darauf jetzt einen :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:

von Hama - am 24.02.2006 21:04
Links zwo drei vier rechts!

Nimm auch eins für mich!

von M. Keynes - am 24.02.2006 21:07
Hey mach mal halblang Hama. Hast du nicht selber gesagt, der Kurs in den USA sei irrelevant? Entschuldige mich, wenn ich falsch liege.

Ich glaube nicht dass man vor dem 28.02 verkaufen soll. Am 28.02 erwartet man den positiven Entscheid des Gerichts (das schon im Vorhinein positive Signale für den Abschluss des Asbest-Entscheides gesendet hat), was der Aktie wieder mehr Schub für geben dürfte.

An Rekürsler denke ich nicht, die wollen jetzt CASH sehen und nicht mehr länger warten. Das Ganze ging ohnehin schon zu lange.


von prophecy - am 25.02.2006 08:55

Re: ABB - Meldungen vom 24.02

ABB Ascendant
By Stephen D. Simpson, CFA
February 24, 2006

Looks like ABB (NYSE: ABB) picked a good time to get its stuff together. With good demand in Asia for power and automation projects, and an eventual refurbishment and upgrade cycle for the power industry on the way in the United States, ABB looks poised for a few more good years.

Overall reported revenue growth of 2% may not look so special, but the power business saw revenue rise 13%, while the automation business climbed 3%. New orders were even stronger, rising 7% companywide, 17% in power, and 8% in automation. Profitability was also significantly better, with earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) rising 108% overall, 64% in the power business, and 25% in the automation business.

I've been on the power-utility theme for a while now, and I haven't seen anything to really discourage me yet. Big players like General Electric (NYSE: GE), Siemens (NYSE: SI), and ABB are in line for all manner of new business, from new plants in China and India to improved reliability and transmission systems in the U.S. and Europe.

I don't expect the same sort of near-term growth in automation as I do in power. However, I believe that new capacity demand in Asia, combined with replacement and improvement in the Western hemisphere, should create enough business to keep ABB, Honeywell (NYSE: HON), and Rockwell (NYSE: ROK) profitably busy.

What's interesting to me is that we could see another leg of growth kick in next year. Asia is the big story now for ABB, fueling revenue and order growth, but management expects government initiatives like the U.S. energy bill and interconnection efforts in Europe to start making a difference in 2007. Continued high prices for energy and minerals could stimulate even more demand for process automation equipment in those sectors.

Sadly enough, the easy money here is already in the pockets of those who bought at or below the $6 range. But with at least a couple more good years to come in the power business, I wouldn't rush to sell all my shares here just yet.

Grain growing strongly - ABB
Feb 24 12:29

Grain producer ABB Grain expects profits to rise by almost 80 per cent this financial year.

ABB Grain managing director Michael Iwaniw said on Friday a net profit, before goodwill amortisation, of between $65-67 million was expected.

Mr Iwaniw also said the company was in a strong position to market wheat successfully if there was any change to the current export system.

"Our success in wheat further reinforces our position as the nation's second biggest wheat marketer and signals to the wider community that ABB is not a one dimensional organisation," he told the company's annual general meeting in Adelaide.

"Similarly, if - we stress if - the wheat export legislation changes in the future then - because of ABB's infrastructure, existing strong relationship with international customers and supply chain capabilities - we believe we will be in a strong situation to market wheat successfully."

Grain growing strongly - ABB

Mr Iwaniw said ABB's forecast for the current financial year was subject to market conditions and to sales and shipping volumes - given the high level of receivals and uncertainty in the current market (due to the AWB affair) - which may vary over the balance of the year.

ABB Grain booked a net profit before goodwill amortisation of $36.2 million in the year to September 30, 2005, with a bottom-line net profit of $17.7 million.

Mr Iwaniw said ABB's storage and handling grain receivals for the 2005/2006 harvest were 6.6 million tonnes, its third highest.

"Generally, grain quality was very good," he said.

"Coming after a below-average harvest in 2004/2005, ABB looks to the future with great confidence.

"Our integration program is well on track, construction of the new deep sea grain terminal at Outer Harbor has begun and our Perth malthouse expansion will be completed by June."


von prophecy - am 25.02.2006 09:20
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