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noch für morgen..

Startbeitrag von zeppelin* am 27.02.2006 22:22

Key events for the next 24 hours:

Japan industrial production due at 23.50 GMT, expected +0.4%.

Australia current account due at 00.30 GMT, expected -AUD13.6bn.

Euro-zone business confidence due at 10.00 GMT, expected +0.40.

UK consumer confidence due at 10.30 GMT, expected -4.0.

US GDP (Q4 revised) due at 13.30 GMT, expected +1.6%.

US consumer confidence due at 15.00 GMT, expected 104.0.

US Chicago PMI index due at 15.00 GMT, expected 58.0.

US existing home sales due at 15.00 GMT, expected 6.60mn.

Key factors to watch

The US data will be watched closely on Tuesday even though the releases are generally for secondary indicators. The impact will be much bigger dollar if there is a consistent pattern of weakness or strength.

Yield spreads between US and German yields will remain important with the dollar vulnerable if 10-year spreads fall below 100 basis points.

The situation regarding carry trades involving the yen will remain a very important market focus during Tuesday

Evidence on Bank of Japan monetary policy will, therefore, also remain important for the yen.

Commodity price trends will also be important for the Australian and Canadian dollars.

Asian currency trends will remain important with any sustained gains tending to undermine the dollar generally.


Hallo Zep

Vergiss ABB nicht ;-)

von seven. - am 27.02.2006 23:07
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