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Wall St. seen lower after inflation report

Startbeitrag von swiss2005 am 17.01.2007 14:22

NEW YORK, Jan 17 (Reuters) - U.S. stock index futures pointed to a lower market open on Wednesday after a government report showed producer prices rose more than expected in December, renewing inflation concerns and weakening the case for a near-term cut in U.S. interest rates.

Tech companies were also in focus as shares of Intel Corp. fell 4.1 percent to $21.38 in electronic composite trading after the world's biggest microchip maker said quarterly profit fell 40 percent and gross margins would not improve this year.

The Labor Department said U.S. producer prices rose 0.9 percent in December though they advanced at a far more moderate pace than a month earlier on smaller gains in energy prices.

"This only goes to show that there are some inflation risks in the U.S. economy," said Steven Butler, director of foreign exchange trading at Scotia Capital in Toronto. "And I guess this backs up what the Fed has been been saying for so long, that they are still a little bit concerned about inflation."


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