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Apple Inc. (AAPL) on Wednesday reported a fiscal first-quarter profit of $1 billion, a 78% increase from the $565 million it earned a year ago.

On a per-share basis, Apple earned $1.14, up from 65 cents a year ago. Revenue rose to $7.12 billion, a 24.5% increase from the $5.75 billion Apple reported in the prior-year quarter.

The results beat the mean estimates of analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial, which forecast Apple would earn 78 cents a share on sales of $6.42 billion.

Apple said that during the period ended Dec. 30 it sold 21.07 million iPod music and video players, a 50% increase from a year ago.


iPod revenues are still growing quite a lot. In holiday 2006 they were up 50 percent (to 21,066,000) over the same quarter in 2005. But get this: In holiday 2005 iPod sales grew 207 percent (to 14,043,000), in holiday 2004 they grew 525 percent (to 4,580,000), and in holiday 2003 they grew 235 percent (to 733,000). Dropping to 50 percent is a dramatic slowdown.

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