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EURCHF - update

Startbeitrag von Apollyon am 18.01.2007 07:29

STRATEGY: EURCHF pending buy at 1.6180, targeting 1.6370, with stop-loss at 1.6055. The recommendation will be removed if 1.6055 trades before 1.6370.
EURCHF is poised to extend gains beyond 1.6174, Jan 3 trend high, on the back of recent triangle breakout. Buoyed by rising moving average and bullish momentum indicator, an eventual clearance of 1.6174 exposes next target at 1.6222, Jan 1999 high.
Underpinned by rising support line extended from 1.5810, Nov 24, 2006 low, expect gains over 1.6222 ahead of 1.6259, Sep 1998 high and 1.6300 barrier. Beyond there projects key resistance at 1.6333, 50% retracement level of 1.8238, Feb 1993 high to 1.4429, July 2002 low, before further extension towards 1.6400 psychological resistance level.
Near term support is located at 1.6097, Jan 12 low. Sustained loss of 1.6059, Jan 8 low, however, depresses it into the triangle range, risking fall beneath 1.6005, Dec 26, 2006 low.


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