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Market-Beating Managers Buy ABB

Startbeitrag von luckman_ch am 03.12.2008 13:30

Market-Beating Managers Buy ABB, Fanuc as Stocks Fall (Update3)
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By Eric Martin and Michael Patterson

Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) -- In the worst year for global equities, the best money managers say Swiss industrial companies, Texas oil drillers and Japanese robot makers are too cheap to pass up.

Phillip Davidson, whose American Century Equity Income Fund is outperforming the MSCI World Index by 20 percentage points, snapped up Switzerland’s ABB Ltd. as the stock fell to its cheapest level since at least 2002. Stephen Docherty is counting on Japan’s Fanuc Ltd. to help his Aberdeen World Equity Fund top its benchmark index for a fifth year. Intrepid Capital Management Inc.’s Eric Cinnamond, who beat 99 percent of his peers, bought Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. as it dropped to a seven-year low.



ABB Rises on good 2009 Outlook

Eigentlich erstaunlich, dass bei einem KGV von 6 bei ABB verglichen mit Siemens und Alstom mit 10
und mit dem Outlook ABB nicht schon lange bei 20 steht.
Aber was nicht ist, kann noch vor uns stehen......

ABB Rises on ‘Good’ 2009 Outlook, Orders Into 2010 (Update1)
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By Ross Larsen and Antonio Ligi
Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- ABB Ltd., the world’s largest builder of electricity grids, rose 7.5 percent in Swiss trading after the chairman said the company has orders into 2010 and foresees a “good” year in 2009.
ABB advanced as much as 15 percent earlier in the day, building on a 12 percent gain yesterday.
The Zurich-based company is targeting “smaller” acquisitions and seeks to retain liquidity, Hubertus von Gruenberg said in an interview with Cash newspaper. Asked whether the company will halt its share buyback program, the chairman said ABB is holding onto cash at the moment, the newspaper said.
Speculation about potential purchases has surrounded ABB for more than a year. Former CEO Fred Kindle, who quit in February after clashing with von Gruenberg, had said the company could spend as much as $1 billion on a single purchase. ABB had a cash pool of $6 billion in July.

“Play the rebound with ABB,” Bank Vontobel AG analyst Luigi Diamante wrote in a research note. “The company is in a good position to benefit from government infrastructure stimulus packages in the U.S. and China.”


von luckman_ch - am 04.12.2008 05:19
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