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Startbeitrag von JACKAL am 05.04.2002 14:52

Hello dear frags!

Would you be so kind to tell what mouse do you use?

P.S. I noticed some *VERY* sharpshooting players at INGERz and all that I can assume that they must have really accurate mice to be such a snipers. Especially KASTINGER, [GoE]An9el, [GoE]InsanE, ]sta[ AmOk and some others (sorry if your name is not here, must I have it forgotten to put) :-)


intelli mouse optical (5buttons) USB
IKEA-Mousepad ( actually a cutting board *bg* but better than EVERLIDES..and most of all ->cheaper)

and JOJOBA-Essenzen for the Handgelenk zum Be-flauschen.


von Kasti - am 05.04.2002 16:45
Mouse:Logitech Mouseman optical (glows so bright at night it illuminaes my whole room ;) )
Mousepad: Mousepad? Are you nuts? I have a 20 year old desk, what do i need a mousepad for?

von Th@winger - am 05.04.2002 20:02
Logitech WingMan Gaming Mouse
Everglide Q3 Pad

von Berni - am 05.04.2002 22:40
MicroSoft 3.0 Explorer

5 Button Mouse !

Everglide MousePad with Unreal Tournament Offset =) Sorry, no Quake 3 avaible :-)

von R.O.C.K.I.N.G.E.R - am 06.04.2002 00:08
Since yesterday I'm using Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical.
Plainly ordinary mousepad (blue fabric) inherited from my prev ball mouse.

I just started to adjust myself to this new mouse and it is something hard to do.
There is no ball tension and no inetria and so on.
I found that my hand for many years got used to push ball mouse and now I have to re-learn myself... Well, this is the way to be a railgod anyway :) I noticed some improvement trend of my accuracy with rail. With hi-end optical mouse it is possible to presicely aim to tiny spot in milliseconds, but with ball mouse it is failry tricky. So now I am trying to elemiate my old habit of pointing mouse with choppy and rough pushes. I got to be smooth and it is difficult to eliminate old ``skill`` :)

However, people, optical mice rule.

von JACKAL - am 06.04.2002 16:26
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