Weird stats

Startbeitrag von Joe am 03.08.2002 15:52

37 Joe 0.00 0 -69 -33 0 -36 0 3 0

Can't understand how I can have "-33 frags" and "-36 deaths" with "0 contacts"?
This isn't what this page says.

Well, I guess I have to work my way up. :drink:


hmm strange....but

maybe your shootin' too fast, or you playin' just the wrong maps


von kasti - am 03.08.2002 17:14
well, this is really strange.

at the beginning of every month the stats are i some way not complete, because of the missing # of incidents (icident barrier = 300).

maybe this could be the problem. if the error depends on that this should be solved within the next day(s).


von wikinger - statsman@ingerz - am 03.08.2002 19:52

Seems fixed now. NT


von Joe - am 04.08.2002 09:21

Re: Seems fixed now. NT

yeah, and you are #1 again
damn ruler (-:

von $u(k3r - am 04.08.2002 13:22
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