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What is that LAG? And where are the NEW MAPS?

Startbeitrag von LifeForm am 14.03.2003 09:59

Why does the server completely lag out every now and then lately?

And where are the new maps?
And where are the new maps?
And where are the new maps?



always the

same blaa blaa blaaa....i will not change 3 maps a week.

but if you play at our server and enjoy yourself why not support it ?


von kasti - am 14.03.2003 14:55

Re: always the

You changed 3 maps .... hmmmmm???!
Are you talking about Q3DM12?

Where did that Space Map Go ......?

It was there lately and then it vanished!

I'd support the server if:

It gives me interesting maps (the one I like)
The hook speed would go up (it is too slow)

Do we have a deal?


And btw. it is no bla bla .... I proposed nice maps .... none ever showed up

Strange ....

von LifeForm[GE] - am 14.03.2003 17:19

dear santa

if i had a wish fro free i wish

not so much bla bla bla bla bla.

@LF no support - no interesst


von kretti - am 14.03.2003 19:05

Re: always the

Yes right but u change 3 maps at year!! :-)
Tell me your e-mail?! i must know how i can support!!

von Scorpio - am 14.03.2003 22:37

Re: dear santa

You should have mentioned that in the first place!
If you don't care anyway why did you ask for map recommendations in the
first place?

It seems to be a lot of work for you to edit the *.cfg file for the map rotation ... LOL!

But don't bother yourself anymore I will not ask for any improvements in the future!
So your wish is granted :)!

Cheers ...

von LifeForm - am 15.03.2003 11:59
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