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Question 4 Kasti

Startbeitrag von Sneeky am 16.06.2003 22:51

Why is unlagged off? :( There you go, its a simple question... but every time I ask u while playing on the server, you completely fail to give a reason...?

There is a post below asking about unlagged been put back on, but... no reply from you?? Is Ingerz only for low pingers? There are are many players that play on Ingerz that would like unlagged back on... please consider my request Kasti, so that every player is equal. I look forward to your views Kasti.

Happy fragging;),



Re: Question 4 Sneeky


Why is contributing off? There you go, its a simple question... but every time I ask u while playing on the server, you completely fail to give a reason...?

There is a post below asking about supporting INGERz, but... no reply from you?? Is Ingerz only for low payers ? There are are many players that support Ingerz that would like you to support too... please consider my request Sneeky, so that every player is equal. I look forward to your views Sneeky.

Happy fragging,


von kasti - am 16.06.2003 23:30

Re: Some Q & A's for Kasti

LOL... very funny ;)

You still are avoiding my question... no? As for contributing, and supporting INGERz, Im hardly going to pay when you switch off unlagged..Am I? I mean whats the point? Its just not much fun anymore :( I would be paying towards a server that is setup, to be most unfair to a player like me.... and many others.

And... even if I did contribute, would any of these settings be changed? (unlagged +PB), maybe?... maybe not? Maybe I would end up feeling more cheated then I am now... what do u think?

I still think you should have switched PB off... I mean... I dont see the point of useing it? ("because of players calling others cheaters"), well i got accused of using a cheat yesterday, aswell as many other times... I still see others getting accused... has PB really stopped this? I think not. Anyway PB does not stop cheaters... there are new cheats every week that work with PB!!! All i see that PB does for INGERz is to enable banning of unwanted players aka DAN, and increase LAG! There are many Q3 servers around Europe that do not use PB and they are all much faster and smoother then INGERz. It is dissapointing not to see INGERz being used to its full potential :((

I would also like to know if i do send u a little contribution (I'am a student, u know ;) ) what would u say then? Or would you say the same to those in that post below? Some of them have contributed....and yet they seem to be ignored... no?

Happy Fragging

Sneeky :D

von Sneeky - am 17.06.2003 00:35

Re: Some Q & A's for Kasti

Hey SNEEKY, on the one hand your right! PB is enable to banning Players like Dan and sometimes it is a little bit laggy and "unlagged" off are nice for low-pingers!!!!
But on the other hand, most of the time i play there are no LAG´s (or i am TOOOOOOO stupid to see that lag´s). Also i saw players like "ruckelzuckel" MAO
with a ping about 200 and nobody couldn´t shoot him but he could shot towards enemy and allways he hit them (there where "unlagged" on), so i think or i mean that is not fair!!!
But all that are BULLSHIT (sry INGERz für dieses Wort) i have no preference to win or to loose on this server---------------> JUST HAVING FUN is my motto.
And if you don´t have fun on this server, i can´t help you :) .

so enough, cu on I.N.G.E.R.z



von Caneo - am 17.06.2003 04:48

Re: Some Q & A's for Kasti

A few words about all this.

About PB. Why turn PB on and create a cheatserver where every cheat works. Maybe not all cheats are detected (as you can see sometimes, spectating someone) but some are. Turning PB off will create a real cheatserver i think.

About contributing. Contributing i.m.o. is not there to turn on/off certain settings but to keep a server in the air where you have fun playing Q3.

About fun. Two days ago we played 7 vs 4 and it was 8-2 (so 8 for the biggest team). After asking for several times if someone would switch i got the answer "No, because you suck". The next level tarted with 7 vs 3 and you didn't even had time to respawn, well that sucks. It seems some players only look for easy frags and won't switch to a weaker team to help and give them a bit off fun too.

Maybe an idea to have only contributing players on play on the server. (lol)


von BrainDamaged - am 17.06.2003 10:43

Re: Some Q & A's for Kasti

Hey BrainDamaged play with no equal teams are a very old problem and you be right that some players (or LOOSERS) did not play for having fun, they play for stats!!! And in my opinion they are POOR LOOSERS or haven´t i notice something and we can win prices!?

That´s all folks


p.s.: And if yes, we can win prices, WHICH????????

von Caneo - am 17.06.2003 11:23

Re: Some Q & A's for Kasti (new version)

----im just a faker an no one is interessted in this posting------


the anti-faker-group

von bla bla - am 17.06.2003 12:44

no answer



von Caneo - am 17.06.2003 14:14

Re: no answer

fake or not caneo the fact still remains

von bla bla - am 17.06.2003 14:35

Re: Some Q & A's for Kasti

Then switch off the stats

von Rax - am 17.06.2003 16:04

Re: Yes Rax, you right

Es ist eine sehr gute Idee die Stats auszuschalten!

Vieleicht ist es dann möglich ohne Leute mit präpuperterem Profilierungsgehabe zu spielen...

Ich gewinne sowieso!!
Gruß Regenbogenwurm

von Exworm - am 17.06.2003 16:29

Re: no answer

Poor Viper :(

von Sneeky - am 17.06.2003 17:12

Re: no answer

No Lags? LOL Thats ein Witz

von gleicher Vorteil - am 17.06.2003 17:35

der server hat keine lags du bauer....

...denn wenn der server laggs hätte dann hätten alle lags....ich hab aber z.b. nie lags.

also dummerchen fein merken gelle

von kasti - am 17.06.2003 18:18

Re: der server hat keine lags du bauer....

ok, lets turn back to english :)

for our non-german players: kasti mentioned that the server isn't responsible for the lags, because he never has lags (and therefore the server can't be laggy)

From time to time (especially the first couple of minutes after connecting) I have extreme lags and connection interrups which sometimes last a second and more. I personally blame PB for this behaviour, 'cause it's frequently updating it's data (which seems to be _a lot_ when connecting to the server).


von Ramses - am 17.06.2003 19:04

Re: Yes Rax, you right

plz continue in english, if the original poster writes english :)

for our non-german players: Exworm has the opinion to disable the stats completly to prevent people from only playing for stats and not for fun (to say it nicely :D )

I personally second this, cause there are more and more people who show unsocial behaviour on the server, just to get better in the stats (I don't see another reason, because this can't be fun).

At the moment it's easy to find a game with balanced teams. And with this I don't only mean balancing by number of player, but also balanced by skill. It's conspicious how often I saw Sneeky, Neon and ONE in one team considering the last weeks. Needless to say that the other team mostly lost and many players left the server or went so Spec. This isn't fun at all.

Is it so hard to switch two players between teams to have more fun for _both_ teams? I don't have much fun if the opponent team gets annihilated by 10:0.


P.S.: Please turn Unlagged on as I mentioned before :)

von Ramses - am 17.06.2003 19:25

Re: der server hat keine lags du bauer....

Bauern braucht da Land :o

ohne Bauern
zu essen
ausser macDonalds :rolleyes:
oder biste auch
so ein kleines stadtkind kasto :p ??


trotzdem danke fürs unlaggedwiedereingeschaltethaben :)

von z&gt; - am 18.06.2003 09:50

Re: Yes Rax, you right

Thank You Kasti for turning unlagged back on ;) As for turning stats off... this could be a good idea.


von Sneeky - am 18.06.2003 13:08
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