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just wanna speak out :)

Startbeitrag von Arw3n am 05.07.2003 15:19

Hi again

im so sad that this server i told about is permantly down ... so no more ingerz for me that is so bah! :(((

well well it was fun so long it last :) and i had fun. i am going to miss u all and the server indeed. So i want to wish u all a good frag :))

btw i have now found a ospfreeze server is great fun ... i might get stuck there now :D.

greetzzz 2 u all



i realy dont know whats

the problem with you.....our server is permanently UP....maybe we have some people here who can solve this problem.

Hope to Cu in Future

von kasti - am 05.07.2003 23:10
Arwen, there is probably a router issue.
I had somme issues as well a couple of weeks ago but everything went back to normal.
Have you tried this : [www.visualware.com]

By the way, tell us where you now go so that we pay you a visit :-)


von **** - am 06.07.2003 10:59

Re:router issue

exactly what i think it is, i checked that. well as a said before i traced the route and found out that it doesnt go futher till i get to one server in germany called "de.gatel.net."

von Arw3n - am 06.07.2003 11:31

Re: kasti ,what about proxy?

Hi kasti!

I have tried to figure out what to do to fix my problem but since the server "de.gatel.net" is down and my provider connects through this server i guess it will be a problem :) unless i dont change it. but then i will have a money issue instead.

But i heard from some ppl if u have a problem to connect to a specifik server they can arrange a proxy for you..
hmm i dont really now about those things but can you fix a proxy for me to your server or does that work?

Greeats Anna

von Arw3n - am 06.07.2003 12:30

Re:router issue

Hmmm strange. My route goes through 3 de.galtel.net nodes which are:
Is it one of them?

You can always try your chance at guardian@GATEL.NET or just wait for German tecchies to come back from their vacation :-).
Hope we'll cu sometime later again.

von **** - am 06.07.2003 15:54

Re:router issue

5 40 ms 36 ms 36 ms ge1-0.f10.de.gatel.net []
6 39 ms 52 ms 36 ms so-0-1-3-0.f20.de.gatel.net []
7 * * * Request timed out.

the last one :)

von Arw3n - am 06.07.2003 16:07

Re:router issue

hey ironwoman : (=

wont you fight for gettin back here on ingerz :confused:
i missed you allready
wasnt much time
without you
yet ....>
. i think kasti will turn unlagged on
. if
. only
. You
. come back soon :rolleyes:
....> vote for :p

von z> the ping - am 06.07.2003 16:27

Re:router issue

Wanna funny story?
I can access the INGERZ Q3 server... but not evenbalance so I'm quicked by PB. It gets stuck in Houston Texas. I cannot play :-(

von **** - am 06.07.2003 16:30


ok i will fight some more :) just waiting for a mail for this solution and lets see what happend next from there.

thx and happy fragging ironman :)

von Arw3n - am 06.07.2003 19:33

Re:router issue

Just find somebody that has a running ssh-server so that you can create a ssh-tunnel through his/her connection to the freeze-server.


von Ramses - am 07.07.2003 10:24


Hi ramses! =)

How do i find this person and how do i connect through this ssh- server. As you see i have never done that before so i need you to guide me through this whole procedure lol.
It sounds now that i still have hope and i very grateful to You all who trying to help me =).

:) :)



von Arw3n - am 07.07.2003 13:47


Hmmm ... thats a bit difficult if you have never done that before.

Well, you only have to know some person who has a Linux/Unix-Router (e.g.) at home. He has to give you an account on his machine, so that you can login via ssh (=secure shell). Then you have build a ssh-tunnel from your machine to his unix-box with tunnel-mode enabled. That could look like this:

ssh -C -L 27960: -l

After that you don't connect to the ingerz-server in Q3. Instead you connect to "localhost", so that the traffic is redirected through the unix-box of your friend to the ingerz-server.

If you use Windows you can set up the tunnel via "putty" (search in google for this programm).

But be aware: your ping to the ingerz-server can increase dramatically, depenting on the connection the unix-box is on.

Best Regards,


von Ramses - am 07.07.2003 17:24


Ok i thank you for your guiding =)

Now i will just try to find someone who has linux. well i know many who has but their connection is not so good :(
Lets see if step 2 will solve this otherwise i have to go for step 3 :).

I most say this whole thing start to get a little bit ironic.

Thanks again Ramses for your help :)



von Arw3n - am 07.07.2003 21:18


So you say theproblem is just connecting to the PB server now?? Connecting to INgerz is ok?? Well in that case just download the PB files manually from the official PB website ;)

Cya Sneek

von Sneek - am 16.07.2003 07:38

Re:LoL sneek

Loool sneeky

U have got it alla wrong =))

Connecting to this server has nothing to do with pb. what made u even think that, i only have problem with one server in germany "gatel" and that is not ingerz server itself =). this server has block my providers ip - adresses ..as i got mail that is the reason for this problem.


Stinky Arw3n :cool:

von Arw3n - am 16.07.2003 15:41
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