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Cyan, ****

Where are you all???

Startbeitrag von **** am 09.08.2004 10:33

All sunday on server and nobody came.
Where are you all???


Most of us got a life ;) ;) ;) ;)

Or just sitting in the Hot :hot: Sun

von Cyan - am 10.08.2004 00:17
Lucky bastard :)
Hope bots are under guarantie cos I destroyed quite a lot of them :-s

von **** - am 10.08.2004 11:31
there r a lot of peeps on DOG1 and DOG2.

There is alway's someone 2 frag or 2 frag U.............

Let me hear ya a'll say WOEF WOEF !!

von Cyan - am 10.08.2004 16:30
he he Cyan.
Advertising for DOG serveurs on INGERZ forum :)
That looks like you indeed!

von **** - am 11.08.2004 09:43
Who's advertising ****
U wanted to know where we all are , well the DOG1 and @ are most of the time full , so if u feel bored when there is noone to frag in ingerz-land, go to The DOG thats all.......

I dont mean to say that server is more fun , onley that it ROCK's like INGERz

Shjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit what a crap.........

cu on server's

von Cyan - am 11.08.2004 11:40
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