We heard the news

Startbeitrag von chabo am 02.10.2004 19:09

We just wanted to thank everyone at ingerz for the great job during the years.
We stopped playing at INGERz 1½ years ago to merge into the osp tdm scene and have done great there but ingerz will always be deep in our hearts.
We began our q3-journey at the INGERz-server and have had som very great moments there. Now when its gone we feel sad :(

For those who remeber us we want to send a BIG hug and big thank you for making it as fun as it have been. Hope we'll see eachother somewhere out there.

For everyone else: Cheers!!

And of course a big LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL to Belzi =)

chabo, sieba, flinga, kajan, ludde , dennis
aka *lol*C , *lol*S , *lol*F , *lol*K , *lol*L , *lol*D
aka [SWE]Cha6o , [SWE]Sie8a , [SWE]flin9a , [SWE]kaj4n , [SWE]ludd3 , [SWE]denn1s
aka p0x-verItas , p0x-trucido - p0x-ix , p0x-epsilon , p0x-inquisitor , p0x-sobrius


Very beautifully written. Also a large thanks and much luck at you back :-)

von exworm - am 04.10.2004 18:46
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