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I Want to Join The Mighty Sparrows

Startbeitrag von Totaly Wicked am 09.11.2002 09:05

Hi, My name is Chris Reilly (Tibia Name is Totaly Wicked) and I wish to join the Mighty Sparrows Guild. I would like to join this guild because i am bored and annoyed with being pk'd, thiefed , and looted. I belive that if I was in this guild this would not happen as often. Also I would like to join this guild because all my friends are in this guild , such as Sirena, Anthea, and Octipuss (i hope i spelled that right).

I have been playing the tibia game for nearly a year and a half now, but only recently have I become quite good at it. I have recently bought a premium account
which has helped me level quicker. I feel if I joined this guild I would be a lot happier and I would enjoy tibia more.

Currently (with the character im using) I am a lvl 12 (nearly 13) knight. I know that my level isnt very high but my equipment is good and my stats are also quite good. I am leveling very quickly and becomeing more and more powerfull. Soon I hope too be very strong.

I think if I joined this guild i would help to grow and become more powerfull than before. This is because i have many freinds who are fairly high levels such as Zepplin (lvl 26) and many others who also wish to join this guild. Also i personelly am Very Honest, i have never people killed anyone, I have nver thiefed at all and I help all newbies etc. who are in trouble. Through this good reputation I wish to Inprove and Better this guild so it will be looked upon with much respect.

Bye Bye for now,
Your Tibia pal,
(Totaly Wicked)

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


msg me in game, not all questions are answered. One more question here:
Do you know something about roleplaying ? And if what ?

von Guardian Morris - am 09.11.2002 15:58
Hello again Morris. It is I, Chris. What did you think of my previous letter? I hope you enjoyed it. In answer to your question, yes I do know what roleplaying is,(or at least I think i do). Roleplaying is the role you play as a certain character. This character has feelings and emotions just as you or i do however, you must never bring your real emotions into the role of the character you are playing. For example if in real life I was a policeman and it was my duty to carry out the law and i had a character on tibia who played the role of a thief or people killer, I would have too follow the life of that thief and not interfere with the role that I play.

Do you wish to hear my story?Well here it is...
It was a cold and bitter night and my sword felt cold in my hand as we advanced upon the dwarf army. The way was trecherous even in the day, and at night the task of climbing the large mountain which bordered the dwarf colony seemed an almost impossible task. However after a long hard hour of grueling climbing the small knight army reached the top. I looked down and below me I saw about 2-3 hundred dwarfs, sitting down at a table, eating the disgusting way they always did. Good, I thought to myself, we have the element of surprise. I looked round. I realised that even unarmed the dwarfes were dangerous. In seconds they could reach for their weapons-if we gave them time. To my right the light of a burning torch showed and to my horrer a small child dwarf walked past me. It looked upon are army with terror(seeing 50 knights and 10 Elite Knights would give anyone a scare). He turned and fled down the hill screaming and now I realised it was time. "Charge" the voice of Mangol the Elite Knight who led this party echoed through the dark night. With a huge sound our whole army(however small it may be) charged down the mountain to attack the dwarfs. To my right i spotted my farther Hugorian an elite knight battleing 3 dwarfs at once. I ran to his side and thought to myself, NOMATTER WHAT I WILL STAY AT MY FARTHERS SIDE. To my horrer i now realised that each dwarf carried a small dagger and a small wooden shield. though no match for our supirior weapons the dwarfs fought hard and the number difference started to show. Soon there was only 10 of are our men fighting the remaining 100 dwarfs. Amoung these valient knights stould me and farther. The dwarfes closed in for the kill but we still fought hard and the number of dwarfs dropped until suddendly...my father was struck down. "NO" i screamed running to his side. I arrived just in time to see him die. His last words to me were, "keep on fighting my son" then with one last smile he died. Anger filled me like i had never felt before. I got up and started to kill every dwarf i could see, until finally even I was overwealmed. I looked to my side and saw that only 3 knights remained. I was one, Mangol was another, and a young knight named Yarmot was the third. The 20 or so dwarfes closed in on us, their daggers raised until....

A sharp scream filled the air and before my very eyes i saw dwarf after dwarf fall to the ground until there was no more left. What had happened? i wondered to myself and i walked over to the nearest dwarf and examined his body. Their was a big white arrow sticking clean through his heart. Who saved us? I turned round and saw , riding towards us, three royal paladins. They turned to us to ask if we were allright but i wasnt there. I was kneeling down at my fathers side. A small tear dropped down my face. I picked up my fathers sword of valor and Shouted out loud, "I will avenge my father!" I turned and walked towards the other 5 and slowly walked off into the rising sun.

Later that day i took a vow. That vow promised that I would try to rid the world of war. That I would befreind all paladins I would ever meet and that most of all, I WOULD AVENGE MY FARTHER.

So you see Morris or anyother reader of this, this is my view of roleplaying. That vow i took all that time ago, I have kept it and always shall for I am a man of my word.

Hoped you liked this,
Chris (Totaly Wicked)
please leave your comments about this or message me in the game.

von Totaly Wicked - am 09.11.2002 20:28
Oki a good storie(haven't read it) but what i think i means by rpg is that your joining application should be rpg.

von Aiya - am 10.11.2002 10:54
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