Startbeitrag von Adam am 10.12.2002 18:37

Hiho Mighty sparrows

My name on Tibia is Firadof. I´m a lvl 16 paladin and i want to join your guild.

1. my roleplaying- story

I was born in a village far avay from the kingdom of Tibia. I dont know anything about my family. All i know is that they left me on the road when they flew from the dragon that attacked our village. An old man found me on the road and he took care of me. When I had grown up a bit he teached me how to use a bow and he learned me sword fighting.A copple of years later I left him. I wanted to find my true family. The old man called me Firadof and that is still my name. The only trace of my family was my fathers bow. So I went to the kingdom of Tibia and startedto look for my family. I started in the capital, Thais. But noone could recognize my fathers bow accept one old man. He toled me to go to Kazordoon, the dwarf town.I met many monsters on my way to Kazordoon.I killed monsters like orcs, minotaurs adn cyclops.I was close to die many times but I saidto myself: Dint give up.And i didn´t. I also met many different prblems like colapssed bridges, colapssed tunnels and thiefs and bandits.The thiefs tooked all my money so i could´t pay people in Kazordoon for information about my family. I had to work hard for food and money. At last I could pay one man that said he knew one man that knew were my family was. He toled me to go to Carlin. But I couldn´t find the man. When I had looked for him a week someone toled me the man in Kazordoon had lie to me. He said that the man in Kazordoon had lie to many people. I went back to Kazordonn in anger. I asked a few people about the man and they toled me the same things that the man in Carlin had toled me. SO I took my bow and went home to the man and killed him at once. He would never lie again, I said to myself. After that I decide to move to Ab'Dendriel, the town of the elfs. It was many monsters on my travel to Ab'Dendriel and I was badly injured when I arriwed to Ab'Dendriel. One druid helped me and it´s all thanks to him that I´m alive now. When I was recoverd I promised myself to fight against evil monsters, thiefs and murders. I will not stop kill before I have kill every monsters.

Friends: Faxifu,Elon,Bamse,Oxiput,Kexab,Gowox,Xubul,Odest,Xothim,Xukamema,Damox,Notad,Rixap and Tolaz.

Enemies: Läder-lotta

2. I want to join because I also want more than levling and training and Mighty sparrows looks like a good guild

-I want to kill all thiefs and pks
-My goal is to be one of the greatest paladins in the world of Tibia
-I have play tibia for 3 month
-They can be good friends for me and pehaps help me kill pks and thiefs
-I can be a good friend and a good training partner and perhaps can I kill some low leveld enemies to mighty sparrows.


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