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Startbeitrag von Claus Moelgaard am 09.01.2006 17:18

Hello everybody..

Is there anyone who knows if there is some codecs I can download and use in Radiolab ? I only have a old one called Radius Cinepak and its from 1995..

Best regards



Hello Claus,

if you install a newer version of Microsoft Windows Media Player you get the new Microsoft codecs which are very good. If you don't want the player look for MS Windows Media Encoder. This is also a free program.

Best Regards,

von Ralf Sonntag - am 10.01.2006 08:49
Hi Claus,

if you don´t want to use a Microsoft Codec, look for the DivX 5.0.2 codec. The read AND write version is often bundled with some tivial software that you can easily deactivate with typing "msconfig" in the run box of windows.
Make sure, your customer has the same codec installed on his system. Ohterwise he can´t watch you clip. I always put the read-only version of the codec together with the animation on the clip cd-rom.

regards, W.Schneider

von Wolfgang Surrey - am 11.01.2006 12:28
Hello Claus,

Mr. Sonntag and Mr. Schneider have already told you two good possibilities. Otherwise you can use all on your operating system installed codecs.
You get the best quality if you save the animation as frames and compress it in an external program. Like e.g.. the MovieMaker provided in the operating system.

Best Regards,
Florian Spicka

von Florian Spicka - am 24.01.2006 07:40
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