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auto scale query

Startbeitrag von Andrew Mellor am 11.01.2007 13:12

Hello :)
I use old job files to create similar drawings for other customers & often when I click for XY view, the object is not zoomed to full extents but is small in one corner - the object is only 4m in X, but the XY view comes up showing 80m +.

I have no parts, faces, edges etc that I can find hidden on any layers (used to see this in AutoCAD).

Any ideas what is up?



Hi Roo,

turn "points" on in the graphics bar and you will probably see points which influence your scaling.

You can remove them using "Delete rest" in the Points menu, if you have a valid object.

Best regards


von Uschi Flassig - am 11.01.2007 13:21
Vielen, vielen Dank, Uschi :cheers:

It took me a while to understand, but that exactly the problem! Very AutoCAD-like, but how does it happen? How can I prevent it from happening?


von Andrew Mellor - am 11.01.2007 14:03
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