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Plotting page - how do i put in a detail view ..

Startbeitrag von John V am 02.01.2011 12:16

Greeting All, Peace and prosperity for the New Year.

I am learning Pytha 19 and will pop into the forum every know and then for and answer to a question if I may.
After creating my model I have then placed plans, side views, end views and sections into my drawing / plotting page.
I would also like to include “detail” views (usually has a circle around it with the annotation Detail # attached ) of the drawing and would be grateful if someone can tell me how this is done.
I hope I make myself clear.


Hi John,

happy new year to South Africa.

To get a detail drawing you can copy the parts/faces/edges which you want to show as a detail anywhere beside. Then creat a circle as edges above the detail. Set the words you need and the measuring. This copy of your parts(faces/edge you can set as a additional drawing on your ploting page.



von Cornelius Adam - am 02.01.2011 13:31
Hello Cornelius,

Thank you so much. I am going to work at that.
We are having lovely sunshine in South Africa with just a little bit of rain.

Kind regards


von John V - am 02.01.2011 15:22
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