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RadioShow on iPad

Startbeitrag von Mikkel Krabbe am 07.06.2013 07:57

Does anyone know how this works?
Do I simply copy the Radioshow.exe on to my iPad and then load the Pack'nGo file ??

Best regards

Mikkel Krabbe


Hi Mikkel,

I dont`t think this will work. To present a RadioLab scene on your iPad you have to save your scene as a quicktime panorama respectively VR object. This can be shown on a iPad, if one of these apps are installed: QuickPano or iPano Lite.


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 07.06.2013 10:49
This is written in the V21 Newsletter:

"But this is still not enough for us!
Panoramas may leave a persuasive three dimensional impression, but they will
never achieve the quality of an actual real time presentation. Because only
here you can move freely in a 3D-model and even change objects. And this
is exactly what you will be able to do starting from Version 21. Because then
RadioShow, the license free viewer of RadioLab, will also be available on the
iPad! You will then be able to load your PYTHA 3D-model on your iPad and
will be able to move freely through it."

Pehaps the Pytha Team can explain...? :cheers:


Mikkel Krabbe

von Mikkel Krabbe - am 07.06.2013 10:55
Hi Mikkel,

for the moment you have to do it in the way Cornelius explained.
In the summer time there will be a PYTHA app available in the apple app store which is able to load files saved in RadioLab.
We will inform you when the app is available and how can handle it.

Best regards

Daniel Schröder

von daniel schröder - am 07.06.2013 15:33
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