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[Pytha 21] Boreholes

Startbeitrag von Jeroen Pil am 21.04.2015 09:25

In Pytha i have created some library elements like drawers. What the people want know is that Pytha and the CNC make the holes for the drawers. I can make a borehole on the correct place on the library element but i cant get it on the element where the drawers goes in a normal project what i'm i missing.


Don't forget to give a drilling depth in the my holes dialog
otherwise the holes are no holes but only faces

von Udo Gepperth - am 21.04.2015 14:18
It was the second option Udo that you said one the phone.

The reason why it did not work was that i had excluded nameless parts and boreholes that you define your self are not named. In the library element i have now named the boreholes so when i forget that option its still included.

von Jeroen Pil - am 22.04.2015 10:19
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