[Pytha 21]Face Tools Drill

Startbeitrag von Jeroen Pil am 26.04.2015 08:43

In the manual on page 325 the drill tool is mentioned i wanted to try this but i can't locate it. The manual gives the path but it is not there was this removed from Pytha?


Hi Jeroen,

is there a function called "Template" in your Pytha version? That should be the function you are searching for.


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 26.04.2015 08:54
Hi Cornelius,

I have read the template function and it not the same as drill because the template function is based on the boolean function difference. Where as a drill functions like bore and creates a bulge so i dont think its the same function.

von Jeroen Pil - am 26.04.2015 09:50
Hi Jeroen,

this function has undergone some changes!

We had to rename it to avoid confusion with the bore holes of PYTHA workshop.

In version 21 we changed its name to "Make hole". There it can only be found in the pulldown menu: Tools->Face tools->Make Hole.

As we realized ho many people were looking for it (just like you) we returned it to the vertical menu Face tools and renamed it again. In version 22 it is called "Deep draw" because that is one of its major use cases.

Hope this helps!


von Uschi Flassig - am 26.04.2015 09:59
Thank you Uschi. I have a manual that is then not maintained its from 2011 maybe staff can update the manual for version 22.

von Jeroen Pil - am 26.04.2015 10:11
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