Line A-B in cross sections

Startbeitrag von Patrick Wittevrongel am 03.11.2015 09:23


I work with V22.

Lines drawn with "Boolean" "AB Line" do not enter the sections.
In version 21 it still worked !!

Is this a known problem?

Can these lines converted to ordinary lines?


Sorry Patrick,

this is a problem of "pure edges" as you get them from "AB Line" or simply from drawing an edge rectangle etc.

Alas in V22 these "pure edges" don't come in associative sectioning. We are working on a solution for V23.

Apologies from the developers

U. Flassig

von Uschi Flassig - am 03.11.2015 09:36
Thank you for the quick response.

I will be drawing on the lines with "EDGES"


von Patrick Wittevrongel - am 03.11.2015 10:33
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