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Placing Scene in Radiolab HDR at Ground Level

Startbeitrag von Sharique Tharani am 18.11.2015 07:09

I am not able to place my project on ground level in HDR..
Please guide me with the steps...

Sharique Tharani.


Hi Sharique,

to set your objects on ground level switch off HDR mode. Then selct your objects, click on button "Move by mouse" in the "tool dialog" and click on the face of the ground.

Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 18.11.2015 08:11
Hi Cornelius,

Thanks for your prompt reply, I think I was not able to frame my question properly. Let me try again.

If I make a Villa in model and then load it in radiolab with HDR light and Picture as a background, I am not able to place the WHOLE VILLA on GROUND SURFACE of THAT HDR PICTURE. Although I can drag the scene on ground level by middle mouse button, but again while panning and zooming in, to start the rendering, I lose the View.

Sharique Tharani

von Sharique Tharani - am 21.11.2015 09:08
Hi Sharique,

the hdr background is only a picture. It does not contain any face which you can use to set the model on with dragging or moving. However you can simulate this. You have to model another face as ground surface below the villa and use this faces as "shadow catcher" (set option in the "Rendering dialog", "Shaders"). Use a material with some Transparency for it.


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 21.11.2015 11:38
Hi Cornelius,

That really helped and cleared my doubts, Thank You.

Sharique Tharani

von Sharique Tharani - am 22.11.2015 11:12
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