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Oculus Rift

Startbeitrag von Mikkel Krabbe am 06.04.2016 06:11

Hello Forum

Does anyone have experience with Oculus Rift 3D glasses and how does it work with Pytha - step by step....?
Is it just "plug+play" and both Model/Einga and RadioLab ?? :xcool:


Good Morning Mr. Bansholm Krabbe,

the Oculus Rift is working with RadioLab.
As PYTHA Dealer we have one of the Dev. Oculus Rift glasses and they are working very well.

You will nee RadioLab and RadioLac Advanced, Version 22/23 and a special BETA Version of RadioLab.

For the moment the PYTHA Developper are still working on that, in one of the next releases of RadioLab it will relaesed to all of the Customers.

Unfortunately, I can't give you the exact date when PYTHA will release that function.

On the Oculus webside is the information: *Expected Ship Date: July 2016

Warm regards

von Markus Frey - am 06.04.2016 06:36
Thank you for the info. ! Looking forward to it... :xcool:

von Mikkel Krabbe - am 06.04.2016 06:50
I vote for Oculus Rift capabilities too in Pytha!! Also a google cardboard option would be great.

von Mark Christensen - am 11.07.2016 14:08

Re: Oculus Rift 2017

Hallo, hier aktuell die Frage. Funktioniert Radiolab V22 mit der aktuellen Oculus Rift 2017? Braucht es noch etwas besonderes oder kann ich davon ausgehen, dass Oculus mit allen Features funktioniert. Mein Rechner ist VR tauglich. Wann ist mit der V23 zu rechnen. Da wird OR dann wohl fest implementiert sein.

Gruß Boris Meise

von Bome - am 17.06.2017 11:04
Well, Oculus Rift works quit well with Radiolab. Even so you have to get advice for some items.
Oculus is quite a complexe kind of device for me. Some parts of the delivered Glasses were ´nt working and I had the exchange the whole device. After that it was OK. But you have to know, that by now Oculus can only show basic functions like real time renderings and moving around. No action, Mirror, Videos etc. In V23 Navigation will be aprooved, wich is a real good thing to do.

Boris Meise

von Bome - am 04.08.2017 11:05
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