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questions before I upgrade

Startbeitrag von Andrew Mellor am 13.06.2016 07:29

Hi, it's been a long time since I was here but I have been using Pytha for many years.

My Pytha pc finally died so I before I decide whether I upgrade to the latest version of Pytha or find a work around to continue using my v17.1 :eek: I would like to know:

does v22 run on win10 64bit?
are my 17.1 models compatible? (I have an extensive library that I do not want to have to remake ;) )

I would also appreciate any feedback on v22's stability & ease of use/comparability with 17.1 ie how difficult will the transition from working with 17.1 to 22 be?

many thanks, mfg,


Hi Andrew,

may I offer you my sincere condolences to the death of your PC?
Your v17 models are kompatible with v22.
I think you won`t have problems upgrading to v22. The buttons now are more modern with bigger and coloured symbols, but the system how to work with pytha is still the same. Since v20 the modeller runs on OpenGL which is much more performant than the old graphic.
Unfortunately I don`t have information about v22 on WIN 10.

Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 13.06.2016 12:13
Hi Andrew,

I have no problems working with Pytha V22 on a Win 10 desktop.

von Carl C. Fink - am 13.06.2016 12:46
Hi Cornelius,
Thanks for your reply. It always seems to be you that replies to my posts & thanks for the condolences, it is a great loss but 'she' served me well & should have retired many years ago already ;)

Thanks also to Carl for the win10 info.

Now I need to find the budget for the upgrade. Can anyone give me a price over the forum or do I need to contact Pytha directly?


von Andrew Mellor - am 13.06.2016 15:07
Hi Andrew,

for the price you should contact your dealer.


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 13.06.2016 15:19
I'm running V18 and V22 on Windows 10 with no issues. The license on V18 gets a little finnicky, but nothing that can't be resolved. I've had great success going from V18 models to V22. I am even able to go from a V22 model and open it in V18. Uschi has done a great job of keeping this working over the years

V22 is much more stable than V17 or 18 was. I've only had a few crashes and have been using it for a couple months now. What you will love is that the boolean and cutting plane features work much better as well. I rarely have parts that will not boolean or cut.

Model space is far better in V22 than V17. With shaded modeling, it is much easier to understand what is going on in your model.

Where are you located?

Mark Christensen

von Mark Christensen - am 11.07.2016 14:13
Hello to all PYTHA Team..

Mr Mark Christensen it's look like that yoy can help me, i have a problem with the PYTHA18 and Windows10 or maybe someone can help about..

Everything works fine for the V18 Windows10, but on the Radiolab when i am running the program for the textures, i have a note that i dont have the license to use it and the program shut down.

I have Gigabyte x58a-ud7 with 6 giga ram and Geforce 9600gt...

I'm looking forward to update to V23 but until then i mast work with the nice 18.

Thank you all.

Stratos Evag Kilismanis

von Stratos Evag Kilismanis - am 19.05.2018 14:32
Hi Stratos,

I guess its a problem with your graphic card settings in RadioLab.
Do you have some options in the Menu "Options", "Settings" sheet "Graphics adapter?
If so, choose "No" on "Hardware Antialiasing". Don`t forget to apply your settings.

I hope it will work.

Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 22.05.2018 12:36
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