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mfc120.dll - rlab-64bit

Startbeitrag von Andrew Mellor am 30.06.2016 10:49

When I try to open RadioLab 64bit I get a message saying that mfc120.dll is missing & RadioLab can not run without it.

I have found it in the windows 64bit system folder & copied it to the 64bit pytha installation folder but RadioLab still will not run.

RadioLab 32bit runs (but I have not yet tested an existing project with it).

Where does this file need to be for the 64bit to work?
Does the 32bit utilize the full 16GB RAM I have? If so do I need to have a functional 64bit RadioLab?



Hi Andrew,

on my computer I found that .dll in folder C:\windows\system32" .

Windows can use more than 4 GB RAM only if it is a 64 bit version. So a 32 bit version of an application cannot load files bigger than 1 GB.
Is your OS a 64 bit version at all?


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 30.06.2016 11:36
Hi Cornelius,
I run win10 64bit with 16GB RAM. Being able to use all the RAM was a big reason for upgrading Pytha since the xp pc failure.

I found the dll in windows\syswow64 which is the 64bit version of system32.
I have copied the dll to system32 just in case that solves it (however unlikely). Will need to reboot to be sure but a quick test of RLab64 says the same thing.

I have downloaded a newer, bigger (filesize) mfc120.dll but I have not overwritten the original yet.


von Andrew Mellor - am 30.06.2016 11:53

please contact your PYTHA Reseller, to get a recent installation and reinstall PYTHA.


Florian Spicka

von Florian Spicka - am 30.06.2016 12:09
Hi Florian,
I only received the pytha software cd today! Surely it can't be out of date, oder ;)

I will try to uninstall & re-install...

von Andrew Mellor - am 30.06.2016 12:20

you could check the date of the dvd, may you did got a old one.
If you send me your e-mail adress i could send you a downloadlink.


kind regards

Florian Spicka

von Florian Spicka - am 30.06.2016 12:30
date on cd is 2016-04-22

von Andrew Mellor - am 30.06.2016 12:47
To close this thread I can report that the problem is resolved.
It appears it was a problem specific to my laptop & not a Pytha problem per se.

The solution was to install this version:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) - 12.0.30501

Thanks to all for your assistance.

von Andrew Mellor - am 05.07.2016 13:11
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