part info

Startbeitrag von Andrew Mellor am 23.02.2017 13:38

Can you tell me where this info comes from & how I edit it & turn it on/off.

[attachment 2201 2017-02-23-000651.jpg]


Hi Andrew,

these words are being generated when using the function "Lay flat". Usually the flat layed object is next to the words. Perhaps its on a layer which is deactivated?


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 24.02.2017 09:35
Hi Cornelius,
Yes, the layer was turned off.
v22 is very new to me so I am unfamiliar with any new features compared to my old pytha (v17?).

where can I find this function in the menus?


von Andrew Mellor - am 24.02.2017 10:38
Hi Andrew,

you can find this function in the workshop menu. If you don`t have a licence for it, you propably imported the flat layed part with any file.


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 24.02.2017 11:59
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