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Startbeitrag von Mikkel Krabbe am 14.03.2017 14:02

Launch date arround the corner...? :confused:



von Tommy Rothämel - am 14.03.2017 14:46
The next corner or the next after that? :joke:

von Mikkel Krabbe - am 27.03.2017 05:37
Hi again...

Seriously. When do you expect that the new version is sent out. At the User Meeting it was said to be around Christmas and later you said the end of February ?? We may soon not remember the things that were shown, unfortunately ...

von Mikkel Krabbe - am 29.03.2017 06:10
Dear PYTHA users,

we are well aware of your impatience to get PYTHA V23 on your computer!

Several users have been working with it and we got quite a bit of useful feedback that we are integrating.
The more time we spend on answering questions about the delivery date the less time we have on fine tuning PYTHA.

Believe us: we don't hold it back just for the fun of it - we ourselves are eager to release and we want to release a V23 that you are all going to love!

Best regards from the developers

Uschi Flassig

von Uschi Flassig - am 29.03.2017 08:12
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