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radiolab - layers

Startbeitrag von Andrew Mellor am 01.06.2017 11:39

I have a radiolab file that I keep adding to. It appeared that I had used all available layers so I began to group various items onto single layers to free up some layers.

The layers I have therefore emptied are not visible in the list.

When I import another pyo or rlb file their layers are added to the bottom of the list (currently at #704)

Is there a limit to the number of layers in a rlb file?
Are the layers I have emptied being used when I add new models but using the next layer number which then keeps the new layers at the bottom of the list?

perhaps a simpler question is: can anyone explain the rlb layer rules/structure to me?

thanks :)


Hi Andrew

the layer menu in RadioLab lists only the used layers. Empty layers with no parts are not shown.
But they still exists with all properties (name, visible active).
When you import a pyo or rlb file the used layers of the imported file are put after (!) the last used layer of the scene. If necessary the existing layer list will be extended.
There is no limit of the number of layers (except the addressable memory of your PC).
So there is no need to free layers.

There is one bug in the layer menu if you want to assign parts to a layer. In the inpiut dialog there is written (0..255). This is wrong. You could alway assign up to the last layer number.
This will be fixed soon.

Best Regards,
Ralf Sonntag
RadioLab Development

von Ralf Sonntag - am 01.06.2017 20:57
thanks Ralf.
it has been worthwhile to group some layers together anyway.


von Andrew Mellor - am 02.06.2017 12:49
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