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4k display with radiolab.

Startbeitrag von Tony am 07.08.2017 05:40

Hello pytha users, I’ve just updated to version 23 and thought it would be better to also upgrade my computer with a high end graphics card and a 4k monitor, and now I’m having problems with the display on radiolab, and I’m wondering if there is any way of adjusting the display for Radiolab only, because the modeler is displaying ok.


Hello Tony,

could you please describe the problems a little bit more in detail. Are there some menus which are not displayed correctly or is it the 3D or baseplane view window? Does the problems occur in normal mode or HDR mode? Does the problems also occur if you use smaller view windows?
If would be helpful if you could send this information to PYTHA Lab. Please also attach the LOG file which is always created with RadioLab V23. You could locate it with the main menu bar (Options).
Thank you

Best Regards
Ralf Sonntag

von Ralf Sonntag - am 07.08.2017 08:49
Hi Ralf,
The problem is in how radio lab displays on a 4k monitor, running Windows 10 on a GTX 1080 TI graphics card.
The symbol bar up the top is very small; the tool bar function keys on the right is good,
But the function dialog windows are too big, and some of the text on the right of the dialog windows doesn’t show completely.
I've also noticed up the top it says V23 Beta 64Bit,

von Tony - am 08.08.2017 12:00

if the sizes of the dialogs are wrong, please use the tool "Options - Reset Dialog Sizes" in the options pulldown menu.

best regards


von Florian Spicka - am 09.08.2017 15:37
Hello Florian,
I have tried resetting dialog size, but all that happens is the graphics window goes smaller and everything else stays the same.
This is where I think that the interface of RadioLab really needs to be redesigned, because of newer and bigger affordable visual hardware is now available.

von Tony - am 12.08.2017 00:25

sorry, the sequence how to select the tools is important. Please 1. "Close Dialog Windows" - now 2. "Reset Dialog Sizes" . Now the text and all the icons should visible.

I use RadioLab with 3000x2000 pixel- and do not face a problem. With an 4k works too on several machines.

kind regards


von Florian Spicka - am 14.08.2017 13:06
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