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Pytha23: how to setup Engraving-text- real single line fonts?

Startbeitrag von Beat Oppikofer am 27.11.2017 22:01

i can't find any info how to setup single-line fonts?

all text with my fonts have double lines on pytha screen.......

even if i download a single line font from internet.....

how do i setup my pytha23 so that i get a "single line" text for engraving?

all text has double lines; inner-lines and outer-lines.....

and it gets not exported right with all lines; it has holes in Letter shapes (not fully polylines)


Hi Beat,

After you have downloaded the font (single line font like CamBamStick) right click on the file and install the font. After this you can select the font as you would select others. Make sure it is a single line font. Let us know how you go.
Anyone else using "Engraving Text" and does apply machining in Workshop?

Regard Jens

von Jens Kriegel - am 28.11.2017 03:05
Thanks Jens, for the quick reply! Let me just add some remarks:
- On the internet you can find a number of sites that offer engraving or one line fonts. Just google "one line font". Just beware that not every font advertized as "one line" technically is a one line font! Some just have thin shapes that designers call "one line". But if the website mentions engraving, then you should be on the safe side. The price is often in the 5-10$ range for one font.
- Be sure to check that the font is .ttf (TrueType) or .otf (OpenType) format, i.e. a standard font file usable on windows. Some sites offer .dxf or other files as "one-line-fonts" with the idea that you import and place the characters by hand and that's probably not what you are looking for.
- The dialog for Edges->Engraving Text dialog contains a checkbox that says "open curves". You should only check this box, if open characters like the C have a superfluos line that makes it look more like an O. Some one line fonts are drawn in this way and the checkbox will get rid of that line.
- After creating the Engraving text, the whole text is a single part. In order to actually use it for routing, you should apply Tools2->Disunite to make the letters separate parts.

von Daniel Flassig - am 28.11.2017 09:19
thanks, it is now challenging to find Fonts that work in Pytha23 and with my Windows8.1...

working ones for me:

i have not found a working CamBam9; with a working @, #, etc... signs;

cnc vector font: [philing.net]

Please; Can any one list more fonts that work with pytha23, and from where to get them.....

von Beat Oppikofer - am 28.11.2017 10:31
hallo Daniel,

can we open up the forum more; so that i can upload the working font files for every one?

von Beat Oppikofer - am 28.11.2017 10:33
in Pytha23 i have now this single line text Letters,

but if i export them with save as "3D DXF (old)" ; it does not make poly-lines of the full letter.....

i have than in enroute4; many single lines of every Letter.......

how do i do in pytha23; 1 full poly-line of every Letter? so that the enroute4 import has 1 poly-line for every Letter?

von Beat Oppikofer - am 28.11.2017 11:12
At some point we will re-design the forum with more options. With regards to the fonts: their licenses usually prohibit redistribution of the files. So sharing them on a forum would not be a good idea.

von Daniel Flassig - am 28.11.2017 12:01
You can download the CamBam Fonts from here: mrrace.com/CamBam_Fonts/

The name of the installed fonts is "1CamBam..." though, so they are sorted before "A" in the list, not with "C". The 9 font including those special characters is working for me without any problems.

von Daniel Flassig - am 28.11.2017 12:10
Have you tried the other options like 2D-dxf or the standard DWG/DXF output?

von Daniel Flassig - am 28.11.2017 12:12
Hi Daniel,

I still go through save as DXF (old). Works best for me.

I did try to apply router edges. Something is always missing when I export to CAM (see below). I just had the create 500 numbers (4 digits each). I used save as DXF old because of missing lines after the export to CAM. I used a CamBam font and disunite after creating the text. What could be the reason that lines are missing?

[attachment 2574 Capture.JPG]

von Jens Kriegel - am 28.11.2017 19:48
I will look into this. Please send me a sample .pyo to pytha@pytha.de

von Daniel Flassig - am 29.11.2017 10:54
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