V23 Creating new Surfaces

Startbeitrag von Tony am 04.12.2017 09:53

Hello Pytha users,
With RadioLab V23 I cannot find a way to create new Surface Materials, I had no problem with V20 but V23 must be a rabbit in the hat trick, if anybody out there knows this trick, please share it with me. Thank you Mr, magician.


Hello Tony,

I think everyone would be happy, if somebody of the pytha crew would explain the new dialogues in V23. But this item seems to be top secret.

Best regards
Holger Kern

von Holger Kern - am 04.12.2017 17:22
Hi Tony,

did you get the V23 newsletter? There is a description in. Your dealer certainly can send you a english newsletter.


Cornelius Adam

von Cornelius Adam - am 05.12.2017 11:01
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