The Luderitz Speed Challenge in october 2010 in Namibia : don't miss this crazy event!

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Welcome to what promises to be the most exciting event in the history of Speed Sailing : From the 4th to the 31st of October 2010, the Luderitz Speed Challenge will take place with the best Speed Sailors in the world participating!

For the 1st time, the 3 engines involved in this crazy battle pushing the limits further year after year : HYDROFOIL BOAT, WINDSURF, KITESURF will race together during the same event in Namibia!

To improve our performances this year, a channel of 700 m long, 10 m wide and 1 m deep will be dug in the "Second Lagoon", one of the fastest kiteboarding spot in the world!

Take this golden opportunity!

Together, we can push the limits and beat some other national and world Records going faster than “L’Hydroptère, the Hydrofoil boat” which hold the present record with 51.36 knots.

The event attracts many nationalities. Indeed, many world records have been broken during the first 3 Luderitz Speed Challenges, and it’s played a vital role in kite boarders attaining top ranking in Speed Sailing.

The World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) who sanctions each event to officialize Records will be present like previous years on the 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge.

There are few women who will participate to this exciting and dangerous event, and it can be great to discover what is their program, their training, their crazy life...

Please, check this out :
* the official teaser of this amazing event :

* all the pictures about the past 3 events :

* and our website :

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want more information, or more pictures about this event.

Press Officer for the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010
06 21 81 72 39

Backgrounds... 2009 Records and achievements :

Alexandre Caizergues : 50.98 knots (kiteboarding world Record)

Rob Douglas : 50.95 knots (USA outright Record)

Melissa Gil : 38 (USA Ladies Record)

Jernej Privsek : 44.59 (Slovenia Record)

Felipe Johannpeter : 42.14 (Brazil Record)

Tim Turner: 33.94 (Australian kiteboarding record)

Jamie Douglas : 48.67 (personal best)

Mike Hall : 46.71 (personal best)

Marc Antoine Martin : 46.46 (personal best)

Geoffrey Mascarell : 46.11 (personal best)

Stefane Caous : 45.89 (personal best)

Patrice Menossi : 45.8 (personal best)

Fred Kloren : 44.62 (personal best)

Marc Avella : 41.37(personal best)

Stefan Metzger : 40.21 (personal best)

Sophie Routaboul : 39.29 (personal best)

Wolfram Reiners : 38.52 (personal best)

Paul Railton : 38.19 (personal best)

Ronan Harvey: 36.02 (personal best)

Peter Bjarke Olsen : 33.77 (personal best)


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