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Max, AndyWindgirls

where send money?

Startbeitrag von Max am 08.05.2003 22:56

Hi everybody,
I'm Max, owner of kiteforum.it

My readers and I collected some money (a bit more than $ 500) for Carolina.
My problem is where I have to send this money because i sent many email to Ricardo's Mum but she never answer me. I write to Ricardo and he told me to try again.

I felt frustrated because is a month i'm still continue to write and nobody answer me.

Somebody here knows where i can send the money? But i want to sure the money goes to Carolina directly, i don't want waste other time! If she needs, she needs now!



money for Carolina

Hi Max,

Great you have collected so much money!
Well - maybe it would be a good idea to involve Flash Austin. I talked to him last week while he was collecting money during a big beach party for Carolina. Using a champagne bucket he had already collected about 1500 Euros. He sold T-Shirts and is very much into it, he just had visited Carolina a few weeks ago. His email is flash_austin@yahoo.com .
We too will publish some more information in cooperation with Flash very soon.

Gracie & hang loose,

von AndyWindgirls - am 08.05.2003 23:09

Re: money for Carolina

Tks Andy,
i will email him now!

Please fell free to came to visit us @ www.kiteforum.it (or www.kiteforum.net).

I'm waiting 4 u!

Hang loose.

von Max - am 08.05.2003 23:34

Re: money for Carolina

Dear Andy,
we send an email to Flash but no answer.
I don't really what have to do with this money!

I'm afraid i should give back to my readers.
This will be very bad because carolina can't have our help...


von Max - am 12.05.2003 11:11
just to update Flash has contacted me today, we're working now to send this money, tks for help


von Max - am 12.05.2003 18:21
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