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AndyWindgirls, surfsally

Thanks Andy

Startbeitrag von surfsally am 07.02.2004 11:08

I'm going to New Zealand.

I'd like to thank Andy because he helped me finding
a school in NZ. In the next octobre I'm going to stay
six months at the Taipa Area School. So when I'm back
my English will be better. ;-) I can surf every day as a
school subject. So I hope to learn a lot of new stuff.

Thank you Andy and Best wishes for all windgirls.



windgirls spirit

Dear Rahel,

You are (very very) welcome indeed! And look: This is what windgirls magazine is all about: To help each other, to inspire each other, provide information and share fun. :-) This is the windgirls' spirit! Carry it to New Zealand, have the time of your life and keep us informed about it.

Take care, Andy

von AndyWindgirls - am 11.02.2004 20:35
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