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Startbeitrag von Sonic am 16.06.2004 12:55

Hello everyone,

My name is Femke, I am 20 years old and live and train daily on Bonaire (paradise).
This summer I am planning my trip to the events on the canaries.
To the home of the real pro's. I want to show all of the girls all over the world that the windsurf world is made for all of us. One and a half year ago, I never even thought about windsurfing and now I am going to compete against people I have seen in the magazines for a year, hard rippin' girls (whaaaaa :cool: ). I have trained my butt of and made a little progress.
I am gonna compete there but i need some help.
Is there by any chance someone who is reading this could help me with a sponsor? Maybe you have some connections or so. A 4.7 sail and a 90 liter board is quite big in the canaries ;-)
If you want to know who I am and what I look like, you can check my profile on the windgirls site. Femke van der Valk NB-05

Keep rippin' chica's

And keep checkin' this forum for great news, help others and be helped!!!



talented windgirl looking for sponsors!

...and here is the link to Femkes page!

...a really talented windgirl she is!!

Femke, good luck for your search! And yes - 4.7 might indeed be a little big for Pozo and Sutavento... :hot:

Take care, :kiss: Andy

von AndyWindgirls - am 16.06.2004 14:46

Femke in Lanzarote!

Hey Femke,

I just read that you obviously found a way to get to Canaries and to compete in Lanzarote!!! :cheers:

Did you find a sponsor in the end? And some "small" gear? Or did your parents support you? We want to know how it was for the first time in a worldcup event! All the best for the next events!

Ride on and rip hard! Betty

von Betty - am 15.07.2004 15:52

Re: Femke in Lanzarote!

Hey Andy,

Thanks, I did found a great help. I got van der Valk Vacations to sponsor my ticket.
My parents have been a great help too. I didn't find anybody to help me out with the equipment exept for Jibe City Bonaire who gave me a 3.3 to borrow. I kept sailing the 90 litre skate though. On Lanzarote that was way to big but I quess here on fuerte it is a little better.

It is great here. The conditions are hard compared to Bonaire. The girls here are all great. They all rip. It is a pitty I am not doing to well in the competition but at leased I am learning a lot every time I go out on the water. AND I AM HERE!!!!
The ambiance is really great! The people here make it a real big happening.

femke NB-05

von Femke - am 20.07.2004 14:46

ride on!

Hey Femke,

:spos: Just want to say: Great that you finally managed to get there, join the competition and gain experience! Ride on, :-) Andy

von AndyWindgirls - am 22.07.2004 22:20
Hay Femke

I''ve met you on sorobon beach , the first time a small year ago, you told me you had just started windsurfing a couple of months ago and I really was impressed by what you did on the water after such a short time. You really pushed yourself and it inspired me to go on and keep trying after my first windsurflesson wich I just had that very day! I've been on sorobon, bonaire as much as I could (I am a klm cabin attendent) and every time I learn a bit more and I just love it!
Nice to read that you made Lanzarote and maybe it's an idea to try to get KLM airlines as one of your sponsors for the future? I've you want, I could try to find out wich person within the company you can approach for that. Maybe you can give it a try....
For now I wish you good luck and maybe i see you on sorobon in august or september! Go girl, keep on ripping!!

von jim libregts - am 26.07.2004 17:16

Re: talented windgirl looking for sponsors!


Next week when I come home I can talk about 3 sail companies that might help. It's hard as you all know now days to get full on sponsorship but starting with team rider (wicked cheap gear) and then see??

Keep the faith, chica..u can do it..

Annie rooting for ya..

von Ann - am 26.09.2004 11:37

Good Site

have a nice day!

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von Gregory - am 27.12.2006 18:57
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